6 Sites to Boost Your Work From Home Skills & Make More Money

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As technologies rapidly expand, the skills we possess must evolve and keep up with employer expectations and demands. You may already work for a company who pays for professional development. In that case, you should ask and take advantage of every tool at your disposal, immediately. But, what if you own a business or work online as a freelancer? You work from home; is it necessary?

Yes! All professionals, beginners and experts alike, need to grow and improve to maintain their career and achieve salary expectations. In 2017, organizations within the United States spent $93 billion on employee training including technologies and staff salaries.[1] The reason these companies are willing to pay this cost is that workforce training increases productivity and improves efficiencies. Do not become stagnant in your career. Take steps today to build your professional profile and increase your salary.

Tools To Boost Your Career

A virtual career takes ambition, and you will need modern knowledge not only for your professional profile but also to land the best work from home jobs. Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, and Independent Contractors alike need to seek out their own tools and resources for professional growth. Testing centers are a beneficial resource for identifying and developing assets to make more money.

Testingroom.com helps telecommuters and remote workers evaluate happiness, likes, dislikes, and motivators. Free reports contain assessments that reveal personality traits, top career choices, your work value, and your professional needs. Identify your strengths and discover the secrets to your success at testingroom.com!

Motivational Resources

It is never too late to learn a new talent. Today's employees span several generations, and all are expected to perform comparable tasks. Staying on top of your game in this new work-at-home culture is crucial for finding quality online jobs. "In the current economy, workers are increasingly on their own, without sufficient tools and the structures they need to succeed".[2] Luckily for you, the WorkAtHomeClub.org team is ready with the assist! It is time to broaden your horizons; your future depends on it!


Consider getting started with a little inspiration and motivation from thriving entrepreneurs with TED Talks. On TED.com, gain confidence with an array of positive and uplifting talks that elevate any mood! Watch short videos of passionate professionals inspiring people to seek work that they love and to know their value in today's workforce. Learn how to understand your inner potential and maximize your paycheck in the digital age. Absorb the positivity on TED.com and accept responsibility for your career growth.

Get the best business and life strategies straight from Tony Robbins! Take your free assessment now. Watch and listen to inspirational and motivational talks, learn the tools, and find ways to make more money today! Stand out ahead of the crowd and be your best with Robbins Research.

Online Skills That Pay

We know you want to reach your full potential, to be your best, to achieve success, and reach financial goals. Take advantage of our time-saving research and the FREE skill-building sessions offered below! We've included information regarding crash courses to learn on your smartphone or tablet from the comfort of home. Take a peek at the latest tutorials, classes, and programs to help boost your income right now!

Udemy is an excellent free resource. Learn WordPress and graphic design to start a blog. Find out how to make iPhone apps and online videos. Use your newly attained abilities to engage customers and grow your online business! Enroll at Udemy.

HubSpot offers free crash courses for anyone conducting online business at any level. Advance your career with writing tips, software certification, or training in email marketing. Learn to build online traffic and make more money with new skills. Get started with HubSpot.


EdX provides a vast collection of quality courses to keep you competing for top online jobs. Learn the latest resources for marketing analysis and radio podcasts. Find tools for computer graphics or visual presentations. Be intentional. Train and develop skills for the best work from home jobs today. Register on edX.

Shaw Academy courses were designed to "upskill the world" with free trials and courses. Receive 24/7 support, interactive webinars, and toolkits that can help you make more money from home. Download the app or visit the site to gain new techniques in smartphone photography, marketing, and technology. Learn from Shaw Academy.

Now that you have the proper tools to succeed, utilize the knowledge to advance your virtual career. Consider all the top-paying jobs you tossed aside and ignored because you lacked a key attribute. That lack of training and loss of potential income equals your unachieved financial goals and career stagnation.[3] Take control of your life. Use your new abilities to find the virtual jobs of your dreams!

Expanding Your Repertoire

Whether you are a work-at-home pro or a newbie, you must develop new skills and improve upon your current skill set to get paid. Take charge of your work from home career. Intentional development shows great initiative within companies, but more importantly, builds personal confidence and increases wage compensation. Prove your value in the digital age with new and improved talents.

Be proactive. Enroll in an online course and take advantage of the free opportunities available right now. Grow yourself as a professional and rise to your full potential. Join the online workforce with pro skills today!