8 Booming Fields for At-Home Work

General skills are a fine to start, but to really succeed as your own boss, consider training in these booming fields. The demand is higher, the pay is better!


America's work-from-home economy is expanding at an ever-increasing rate, but not all sectors are growing at the same speed. To find a job with long-term potential, you need to identify sectors that are growing at the fastest rate and have the potential to keep expanding. Let's look at a few opportunities with real future at-home potential.

Customer Support Specialists

With the digital age comes more and more people transacting business online, shopping online, and looking for help with various gadgets and gizmos online - all of which easily translates to good news for computer support specialists looking to work from home. Companies are now looking to cut costs by outsourcing their customer support to qualified professionals who log in and work at home, providing chat, email, and phone support to customers remotely. This at-home job is poised to see an increase of 18 percent or more by 2020. Even better news is that it requires very little training to get your foot in the door to make as much as $22 an hour utilizing your customer service and technical skills.

Graphic Designers

Another field seeing an uptick in the number of at-home workers it can sustain is the graphic design sector. Graphic designers often find themselves working as freelancers, running their businesses from home, but many home-based designers now work for agencies, advertising firms, public relations companies, and in other staff positions that allow for telecommuting. By 2020, advances in mobile technology are expected to create an increase in the demand for graphic designers by as much as 61 percent, creating six times the number of at-home graphic design jobs now available. Pay for graphic designers is around $21 per hour.

Software Designers

Mobile technology advances and the ever-increasing "generation of now" mindset is projected to lead to a 30 percent growth in the number of software designers working from home, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. From games to processing systems and company-specific platforms and databases, software designers can make as much as$43 per hour from the comfort at home, either in a freelance capacity or as remote employees for large software firms. Sounds Good? Start training now!


PR Professionals

The work of the PR professional no longer requires one to be chained to a desk. PR professionals often work from home, and the need for more workers in the field is anticipated to grow at a clip of 21 percent by the year 2020. From writing grant applications and press releases to raising working capital and seed money and handling social media and community outreach programs, PR employees often enjoy the freedom of the at-home work environment.

Event Planners

Event planning can be a fun and rewarding career, and many event planners find it easier to work from home instead of a traditional office. Event planning is slated to grow by around 44 percent by the year 2020, thanks to the expansion of international hubs by growing companies - which often creates a need for meetings that focus on the entire staff. Top clientele for event planners working from home includes those in business, professional, political, and health care organizations.

Database Administrators

With new and advancing technology, the need for database administrators is growing rapidly and expected to expand by 31 percent when the year 2020 rolls around. This growth is due to the number of businesses that now collect data as well as the intricacies of databases themselves. Companies looking to lower their overhead often look to at-home professionals capable of handling the many evolving roles of the database administrator from home; professionals with skills can expect to make upwards of $73,000 annually from home.

Writers and Editors

The internet is now cemented in our collective hearts and is only looking to grow broader, which means there's always going to be a need for content. Jobs for writers are typically freelance by nature, although some companies hire staff writers who work at home, delivering everything from e-commerce content such as product descriptions and metadata tags to engaging articles for company blogs and more.

Medical Billers and Coders

The health care industry changes rapidly. The Affordable Care Act came and may go. We saw a switch from the switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10 in the medical coding industry. An aging population with expanding medical needs has opened up a surge of opportunities for well-trained medical billers and coders, many of them at-home positions that allow flexible schedules and at-home work.[1] A shortage of coders existed before the switch to ICD-10. This trend is not projected to lessen, making skills as a coder a surefire way to land an awesome at-home job making fairly good money. The BLS notes that the median salary for this type of job was $37, 110 in 2015, not including bonuses, which are normal in the trade.[2]


While these are among the hottest professions for work-at-home professionals right now, it is by no means an exhaustive list. There is a bevy of different positions for stay-at-home professionals, and that list grows longer all the time as more and more companies are realizing the value of the at-home workforce.