3 Best Dog Walking Apps & Pet Care Jobs!

Pet care jobs are paying out big with the latest smartphone apps! Make money walking and playing with dogs, grooming furry friends, and sitting with a lonely pet!


Make money playing with pets, providing care and other pet services for side hustle income! Demand for pet care services in the U.S. has been on the rise and will continue over the next decade, and since pets are considered family members, cost is no object.[1] Grooming and training services are marketable talents these days, so start building your online reputation now! Explore exciting new ways to make money on the side. Get connected with pet owners to schedule playdates, find pet sitter jobs, and provide boarding services to furry friends! Freelance pet care gets you paid!

The Rover App

With Rover, you're connected to cat and dog owners across America. Become a Pet Care Provider and gain access to an incredible selection of dog walker jobs in your city. Keep a furry companion in your home or enjoy a little fun and fitness with Rover dog walking services. Now that's fun money!

• You must be at least 18 years old to apply, and background checks are performed before you gain access to the platform. Complete a new profile and include a current photo of yourself to begin.

• Choose which pet services you provide and set your own hourly pricing. Decide a schedule that suits your lifestyle, and watch the customers fill your time without taking a call or sending an email!

• Rover dog walking fetches a pretty penny every month! You keep 80% from each job and get paid in two days with PayPal direct deposits or request a check by mail!

Wag! Dog Walkers

Wag! dog walkers are true dog lovers! Find dog walker jobs and boarding opportunities in your community every day, rain or shine. Share your passion for dogs and show your commitment to entrepreneurship. Earn your income from Wag!

• If you are age 18, you can demonstrate your knowledge of basic commands and share your previous dog handling experience to start working. Interviews are hands-on, so get ready to play with a few four-legged friends!

• Work on your own terms by choosing a schedule that is most convenient for your lifestyle.

• You will make no less than minimum wage and up to $25 per hour, depending on how you stack your side hustles! You can request a check in the mail. However, regular paychecks are transferred through Payable weekly.



Sittercity offers nationwide, personalized pet care services. Walk a dog, groom a pet, provide pet training and accept sitter jobs for your employment! Get connected with your community and show a pet how much you care. Be there when families can't be!

• 18-year-olds and above can create a profile for free. You must include a current photo of yourself, then choose pet care provider to get started. Once your identity is verified, select as many pet gigs as you like.

• You decide your rates and set up your preferred work hours to be there when care is needed most.

• On average, pay is $13 per hour. Link a credit card to your profile to receive instant payments from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

The best jobs are even better when they include pets! Enjoy clever new ways to make money on the side. Use the best apps and technology around to earn your income. Paw your way to the top with WorkAtHomeClub.org!

*Before working as an independent contractor, make sure you are 100% covered. Take precautionary steps and protect yourself from risk, loss, or damages. If you are without personal insurance, it's not hard to find a reputable provider. Some of our partners offer insurance or other protection plans that help you stay protected, but coverage is your responsibility.