Best Productivity Apps of 2019

Review some of the best apps for organizing and managing your work life. If it’s a common work task, there are already GREAT apps to do the job!


The work from home movement is built around the technology that keeps us linked to networks of clients and collaborators around the world. That same technology helps keep our business on track with productivity-boosting apps and software options now available for smartphones, tablets, and computers. Whether you are just getting started at a stay-at-home job or you've been working from the comfort of home for years, technology that helps you get more out of your time can be a real godsend. Let's run down the cream of the crop.

Scheduling with is a productivity app that helps you control the scheduling of your working (and non-working) hours. The app, available for both iOS and Android tablets and smartphones, lets you quickly create your schedule, organize your day, make lists, and more. Sync the app with your phone, tablet, and computer to always be connected with your schedule, even if your device is not around. Enter items to lists with your voice only for hands-free use. There are both paid and free versions of, with the former offering more tools than the latter.

Unify Your Inbox

In this day and age, even work-at-home professionals tend to have more than one email. If you are constantly toggling between separate emails, then turn to Newton, available for iOS and Android, to create a unified inbox with your various email clients. Newton also lets you send your mail to ZenDesk, OneNote, and other modern tools, making it a must-have if handling email is a big time consumer for you.

Keep Up with Passwords

"QWERTY" not cutting it for all your passwords anymore? Keep track of them and save time spent recovering lost passwords with LastPass. This password vault app syncs with your phone or computer to store your passwords for you - and then automatically fills in your info when you visit the associated site. It also offers a password generator to help you come up with unique passwords if desired.


Collaborate with Dropbox

Dropbox is becoming indispensable in the workplace, and especially the at-home work environment. Using Dropbox, you can store and back up your documents and other files - and you can also share them quickly with whoever you'd wish, even non-Dropbox users. Edit your Dropbox files quickly from a tablet or phone and send large files with efficiency. Dropbox is free to use.

Create a Virtual Bulletin Board with Trello

No wall space? No problem with Trello! Trello is a free app for iOS and Android that lets you create a custom digital bullet board. From photos to to-do lists and reminders, Trello lets you keep important stuff in one centralized space and also allows you to share your board with other users, making it one of the best apps available for managing collaboration with a large team.

Translate like a Boss with iTranslate

If your work-at-home job requires you to occasionally collaborate with customers or clients who speak a different language, then iTranslate, available for both iOS and Android, can help. ITranslate allows you to translate phrases and words in 90 plus languages quickly. The app offers an ad-sponsored free version or a premium version with no limits on use and no ads.

Keep in Touch with Slack

Slack makes it so simple to stay in touch with your team, even when you work remotely. Available for both iOS and Android, Slack is among the best apps out there for group messaging, sharing files, and storing documents. You can also create sub-groups for private discussions. Slack is free with limited use; the paid version offers more features and capabilities.

Coordinate with Basecamp

Use Basecamp for collaborating with both clients and your team. Message threads and instant messaging make Basecamp ideal for project coordination, while to-do lists with real-time completion check-offs allow you to see where everyone is on a project and what remains to be finished. Basic Basecamp is free for iOS and Android, but a paid Clientside component can be added to keep the client in the loop while keeping team communications separate.

Increase Discipline with Freedom

One of the biggest complaints of freelancers working from home is the ease of distraction from their work - especially when it comes to online jobs where accessing the internet also means having access to social networks. With the Freedom app (available for iOS and Windows only), you can block yourself from visiting particular websites, accessing email, or using selected websites for a given period. Freedom is a great tool to help you stay disciplined and on task.

There you have it - a complete list of the best apps to help you make the most of your working hours so that you can be your most efficient and productive!