Earn from Blogs and Social Media!

Learn how to turn your blogs and social media activities into income. There are many options available, letting you decide what works for you and your audience.


Do you love to live online? Are you always thinking about how to gain followers on Instagram, Twitter, or your blog? Would you like all that time and energy to come with a financial reward?

Online businesses are one thing, but what if you just like to post content and don't have any unique product or service to sell? You can still convert those clicks, views, and followers into dollars and cents through advertising. If that makes you think of annoying pop-ups or banners, think again. There are lots of options out there to monetize without annoying your audience, cluttering your page, or promoting products you don't support. Your blog and social media content is valuable, so why not get paid for it?

Some tips to get started

Don't overdo it - Social media experts agree that too many ads spoil your online presence. Go ahead and make some money, but don't leave your followers feeling bombarded with promotion when they visit your page. As a rule of thumb, no more than one out of four of your posts should be ad-focused.

Don't expect to get rich - Celebrities and people with huge followings can make serious money on social media affiliates and advertising, but most people don't. For people with followings between a hundred and a few thousand, these programs are a way to make a little money doing something you do and enjoy anyway, not a ticket to quit your day job.

Keep an eye on things - Depending on the service you use, they'll usually choose what specific ads come up. That means you may end up with material on your page that you - or, more importantly, your followers - don't like. Keep an eye on what's being posted to your page, and be ready to contact the service if anything objectionable pops up.

Some ways to make money

Online advertising is growing like wildfire, and listing every way to make money with your blog or social media would be impossible. From online advertising giants to innovative start-ups, there are options out there for everyone when it comes to getting paid for your posts. Here are a few options that have been tested by thousands of users and are proven effective.

shorte.st is a sneaky way to slip advertisements into your social media, without looking like you're selling something or cluttering your page. It's a service that shortens long URLs, like bit.ly and similar services, but it inserts a quick ad between your short link and the page you're linking to. Your followers will see the ad, but not on your page. The pay-per-click isn't high, but it's a great way to earn a little and keep it classy.


Sponsored Tweets lets you get something back from all that time you spend on Twitter. When you sign up for Sponsored Tweets, you'll get to see advertisers who want someone to tweet about their product. You bid, you tweet, and they pay you. Because you choose the offers yourself, no worries about accidentally promoting something you don't like. The pay isn't usually a lot, but it's an excellent way to make some money while still controlling what you post.

Google Adsense is one of the biggest online advertisers out there. They post ads related to your blog content, and you make money each time a viewer clicks on that ad. You can manage different advertisers' bids for your ad space, and only show ads you approve. You can also select what ad formats you want to host. If you want to make more money, you can choose to run a big banner at the top of your page. If you want to keep it subtle, you can also decide to run small sidebar ads, ads below your content, or "in-text" ads that go between paragraph breaks.

ShareASale and Skimlinks are both affiliate marketing networks. Affiliate marketing is a broader version of the Sponsored Tweets program a couple of bullet points up. You sign up, you connect with merchants you like, and you create original social media or blog content that promotes their product. You'll be given a link to the product, which you can use any way you like (incorporating it into a product review is a great bet). Then you make money based on sales made through your affiliate link. It's easy to stick to promoting goods and services that you like and that are relevant to your readers, so no worries about turning off you followers. Both sites require you to have a website and have an application process, and Skimlinks has a higher bar for signing up and more features - but they do pretty much the same thing.

YouTube Ads appear in many of the videos you watch: the banners below the video or short ads before the video starts. Those ads are making money, and if you have a YouTube channel and a decent number of viewers, you could be making money too. One of the great things about YouTube ads is that they pretty much take care of it for you-just follow their directions to enable monetization of your videos, select what kinds of ads you want to show, and they take care of the rest. How much money you make depends on the types of ads and how often your users click on them, but as a rule of thumb, advertisers like channels with viewers who are likely to buy something. A channel showing make-up tutorials or business advice will make more money than a channel of you talking about your day.


Social media and blogs can easily become vehicles for procrastination, and if you're doing other work at home, you'll want to keep close tabs on the time you spend on them. If they are a major part of your life, though, you have a good reason to plan a strategy to make some money while you enjoy a favorite pastime!