Find Your Place in Today's Work-At-Home World!

Get rid of commuting. Work at your convenience. Turn quiet time into extra income. The advantages of freelance, online work are real. Find out how!


If you want to work from home, you're not alone. Millions have shared the same dream, and many of them are living it. The advantages are obvious: money and time saved on commuting, freedom to set your working hours, more time to spend with loved ones, and control over your life. Making all that happen, though, is not as easy as some advertisements claim. If you've ever clicked one of the many websites promising instant home-based independence, you may have discovered that!

Building a career or a part time job out of your home is not much different than making one anywhere else. It takes planning and preparation, and often requires a substantial investment of time and sometimes money before the rewards begin to flow. Don't let that put you off: it's the reality of finding an economic niche anywhere in our society. Unless you're one of the 1%, the opportunity is something you make, not something somebody gives you. If you don't have capital or a way to support yourself while your plans develop, don't lose hope: there are a wide variety of task-based work opportunities that can bring in money while you build a long term plan.

Any quest for a financial future has to start at the beginning: a clear, honest, and open-minded assessment of your skills and interests. You have to be realistic and practical at this stage, but never make the mistake of undervaluing yourself or your life experience. If you've been out of the job market for two decades while raising a family, don't think for a moment that you lack skills: whatever your background and history, there is something there that provides value; it's up to you to find it and deliver it to those who appreciate it.

Start With What You Love

We all dream of earning money doing what we love, but for the home-based worker, there are immediate and pragmatic reasons for building a career around our favorite things. The key to success in any career is excellence: even if your niche is not the widest or most prominent, if you know it well and bring a high level of skill and commitment to the table, you'll do well at it. For most of us, the things we know best are the things we like most. Once you're working at home, you'll also be managing your own time, and it's a lot easier to procrastinate and delay if you don't like what you're doing.


It's easy to fall into the trap of trying to move into a niche because you think it offers more opportunity, a wider market, or better pay. In the long run, in almost every case, you'll be best off focusing on a niche that you know and love. Building a career is never simple or easy, and with passion on your side, you have a better chance of carrying through to success.

Use the Internet

The Internet is the great equalizer of the employment world, allowing millions to earn a living from the comfort of their homes. Whatever your work target, the Internet is a powerful tool that you'll need to exploit. Like any tool, though, it won't create success on its own. You have to use it efficiently and with purpose, and you'll have to fight the ever-present temptation to waste time online. You'll need a well-designed plan for your internet use, and you'll need the discipline to stick to that plan.

Find Your Niche

There are hundreds of legitimate work from home opportunities, and more develop daily, as employers discover that hiring home-based workers lowers their facility costs and produces a happier and more flexible workforce. Many of those opportunities are listed in this website's opportunity database. The sheer number of possibilities provides both benefits and problems: you know there's one or more in there that will fit you, but finding the right ones can be a real challenge. You'll want to be methodical. Before you start contacting work providers, work through as many possibilities as you can. Rate them according to how well you think they'd fit you, based on your personal criteria. You'll want to consider your interests and qualifications, compatibility with your schedule and free time, and any other factors that you see in your assessment. It's good to start small: the last thing you want is to commit to a project that you can't deliver. As you develop experience and build a track record with key opportunity providers, you'll expand your options.

Remember that just as the people who work at home are always looking for steady work with reliable providers, the reliable providers are also looking for lasting relationships with workers that they know are competent and capable. Put yourself in their shoes: you know you wouldn't take a risk on a new candidate with a major project, and you know that you'd sincerely appreciate having a worker that consistently provides fast, capable service. Even if it means starting with small projects with low pay, proving your ability will lead to bigger things.

We're here to Help is a full-service site designed to help existing and aspiring home workers to achieve their dreams. We won't promise you success because that's something only you can deliver. We won't guarantee you a smooth ride because the road to success is often not easy. We will promise that we'll be here with real help. We'll keep you up to date with the most effective and current resources, links, and suggestions that we can find, from your first efforts at identifying a target niche to the challenges of managing success and expansion.


If you already work at home, congratulations! You're on the road to freedom, and we'll do whatever we can to help. If you're considering taking the leap, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. We won't lie to you and tell you it will be easy; the challenges and obstacles are real, but with planning, persistence, and a little help, you can overcome them. Your future is waiting... let's take the ride together!