Job Apps for Mechanics, Handyman & Lawn Care!

Work for yourself with the best smartphone apps! Make money providing vehicle repairs, home improvement and lawn care services in your locale.


Pay your bills and be there for your loved ones every day with the best apps and the best side jobs! Whether you seek general handyman services, housekeeping, auto maintenance, or lawn care jobs, you choose when, where, and how to make money with side job apps. Spend time with family and friends, doing the things you enjoy most in life while working on your own terms.

Side job apps for general repairs and maintenance of property offers opportunities to build a name for yourself and start a work from home business for free. Typically maintenance and repair workers earn less than $40,000 per year, and even though you can usually begin with a high school diploma and on-the-job training, that's not enough income to make ends meet.[1] If you enjoy fixing things and are in the mood to help your community, download a few side hustle apps for free today!

The TaskRabbit App Pays!

TaskRabbit Taskers get things done at home! Ways to make money on the side:

• Find house cleaning jobs.
• Assemble furniture.
• Provide hanging and mounting services.
• Take on a plumbing or electrical project.

Most home projects and repairs pay around $50 and are deposited into your bank when tasks are completed. You can choose which services you will provide, your hourly wages, and the days and times you are available.

Start a side hustle with the TaskRabbit app!

Get the Handy App!

Handy provides household services from experienced local pros! Side jobs include:

• House cleaning jobs
• Furniture assembly
• Indoor and outdoor painting projects
• Skilled handyman services

Fees range from $10 to $45 an hour depending on which tasks you perform. You get to choose when and how much you work and make money every week with direct deposits to your bank!

Be your own boss with Handy!


Try the Lawn Love Provider App!

Lawn Love connects lawn care providers to homeowners and businesses who need help! How to make money:

• Mowing and weeding
• Gardening and aerating
• Seeding and fertilizing
• Raking and gutter clean-out
• Snow removal and outdoor holiday lighting

Lawn care providers are free to choose whichever tasks they prefer and get paid by direct deposit! Set your available work hours and begin working for yourself in your community.

Make money with Lawn Love gig jobs!

Choose YourMechanic!

YourMechanic offers basic automotive repair and maintenance services like:

• Tire rotations
• Brakes
• Air conditioning service
• Mileage maintenance

Local hard-working mechanics can start a home business for free and earn $40 an hour. Receive a catalog of quality parts and a platform of customers in need of automotive services. Choose the best schedule for you and provide only the services you want!

Download YourMechanic today!

Land the best home improvement jobs, moving jobs, and jobs for general skills with smartphone apps. Gig jobs are an excellent way to find hassle-free work in industries that fit your skill level and scheduling needs. Find even more ways to make money on the side with!

*Before working on someone's property, or working inside someone's home, make sure you are 100% covered. Take precautionary steps and protect yourself from risk, loss, or damages. If you are without personal insurance, it's not hard to find a reputable provider. Some of our partners offer insurance or other protection plans that help you secure your possessions, but if you own something, it is your responsibility to keep it protected.