How to Make Money with Bike Rentals!

Let your profits spin out of control with peer-to-peer bicycle rentals! Start turning a profit in your community!


Cycling is fantastic exercise, but also a vital mode of transportation and side hustle for many. There have been 88 million bike rentals in the U.S. since 2010, more trips than people visiting Disney World each year![1] One bike rental start-up relates earning $12-$15 per 30-minute rental and yearly profits between $50,000-$80,000.[2] Provide affordable bicycle rental service in your city for a way to make money on the side, and see how well you do!

Spinlister offers a sharing service for bicyclists. Utilize the platform online, at kiosks, and through the mobile app to get connected to active enthusiasts looking to borrow your ride! List a bike for rent anywhere in the world for free as a new side hustle.

Privacy Concerns: Your personal information is private until the rental is confirmed. Utilize the secure messaging system and meet renters wherever you like.

Identity Verification: All users are verified through account set-up. Credit cards, phone numbers, and social media platforms are used in verification procedures. Account verification validates your online identity and creates a trustworthy relationship.

List with Confidence: Receive theft coverage and damage protection up to $10,000. Renters can also cover damages up to $10,000.

Leaving Reviews: Feedback is a crucial step in building your online reputation and a safe, trustworthy community. Rate your renters after each transaction and encourage them to review their experience as well.

The Perks: Supplement your income sharing your bike. When you approve a rental request, the renter pays with a credit card. When the transaction is complete, receive direct deposits, a credit on your debit card, or a PayPal transfer.

Choose Spinlister to Share Your Cycle!


URentMe provides entrepreneurs with an online platform and a mobile app for creative ways to make money on the side. Monitor your reservations, requests, and pricing with user-friendly tools. Get instant notifications and payments without all the hassle.

Safety First: A million-dollar insurance policy is added for each rental and makes up part of the 25% commission fee. Renters are also charged an insurance fee with your listing.

Payment Processing: Earn an income with side job apps every year! Setting rates for daily and weekly rental options are your responsibility. You can search other listings on the site to compare pricing in your area. Receive payments through instant ACH payments to your bank account or request checks by mail once a month.

Tips & Tricks: Earn cold, hard cash by delivering your items to renters. Featured listings help you advertise rental equipment at no charge. Your earning potential is determined by your reviews. Be prompt and courteous during exchanges with your customers. It might be prudent to set a security deposit amount for each of your listings.

List Your Ride on URentMe!

If you own a bike, take steps to build a peer-to-peer bicycle rental business in your community. Make the world and your pocketbook greener renting your cycle with the latest smartphone side job apps and work from home company websites. Put a new spin on earning!

*Before renting out property, make sure you are 100% covered. Take precautionary steps and protect yourself from risk, loss, or damages. If you are without personal insurance, it's not hard to find a reputable provider. Some of our partners offer insurance or other protection plans that help you secure your possessions, but if you own something, it is your responsibility to keep it protected.