Make Money with Paid Surveys and Reward Sites

Does earning $50 dollars a week with little work sound interesting? Turn your personal time online into activities that pay rewards and cash! Check out these sites.


Have you seen sites offering money just for surfing the internet, watching videos, or taking surveys? Did it sound like another too-good-to-be-true internet offer? In that case, it is true. Pay-per-click and rewards sites use the way advertising works on the web to pay you for easy, simple online tasks that you might be doing anyway. Earning a living at it is too good to be true, but if you're looking for a fun way to earn a few extra dollars, pay-per-click and rewards sites are worth checking out.

How Does It Work?

There are lots of legitimate pay-per-click and rewards sites, and the way they work is based on the ways advertisers and websites make money from internet traffic. Advertisers sell their products by getting people to look at their ads, and websites make money by hosting advertisements. The more people look at the ad, the more the advertiser pays the website. Usually, websites get people to look at the ads by putting them next to things you'd want to watch anyway, like articles or videos. Pay-per-click sites take a more direct approach: they get you to look at the ad by giving you a small cut of what the advertiser gives them for your view. The advertiser gets the word out on their product; they pay the site, the site pays you, and everyone ends up happy.

All the activities and tasks you can do on these sites work the same way. By taking paid online surveys, you provide advertisers with relevant market information, and when you get paid for internet searches, you're helping boost traffic to websites. It's a little unusual, but it all makes sense when you look at how it fits into internet marketing and advertising.

What Are the Red Flags?

There are pay-per-click scams out there: it's the Internet, and you have to be careful. To keep yourself safe, here are a few things to bear in mind:

Look for reputable sites - All the websites mentioned in this article are credible sites that pay what they say they will, on time.

Don't expect to get rich - Advertisers only give a few cents for each user who looks at an ad, so any website that offers you more than that is not being honest. Pay-per-click sites aren't a job - they're a fun and easy way to make a little extra money.


Don't put money out - Advertisements are, of course, selling something. If you see an ad for something you want, by all means, get it, but don't buy anything because the website tells you to. Some sites offer cash back when you shop, which is legitimate (again, makes sense: the advertiser gives the website something for helping them make a sale, and the site shares that with you), but it's only a good deal if you're buying something you need or at least want.

Study the payment rules carefully - Most pay-per-click websites require some amount of money you need to make before they pay you. That's fair enough - the websites don't want to send just a few cents - but make sure the threshold is low enough you can reasonably expect to get there some day. Be certain you understand exactly when and how you'll be paid.

What Are Some of the Reputable Sites?

ClixSense offers a few ways to earn money. You can click on ads, which involves choosing what kinds of ads you want to see and how long you want to look at them. You'll stay on a page with an ad while a timer runs out, and then answer a simple captcha. You can also take paid online surveys, subscribe to free websites, watch videos, and do simple tasks. Depending on what you do, you can earn between a few cents or about $5 per task. There are caps on how much you can earn doing a particular kind of work each day - for instance; you can't earn more than $10 per day taking surveys - so you won't make a huge amount of money. But the tasks are simple, easy, and fun, so no harm done. ClixSense has a few cash-out options, including PayPal, and the minimum withdrawal is $8.

EarningStation is mostly for people who want to take surveys for money - but you can also get paid to watch videos, do internet searches, and play games. Again, you won't earn a lot of money, but if you like videos, web surfing, and games already, why not get paid as you enjoy them? EarningStation also has a feature where you can get paid to shop. Be a little careful with this one: while it is a legitimate deal, it's easy to get caught up in the rewards and end up buying things you don't want. EarningStation also compensates you with gift cards rather than money, so think of it as a way to do some free shopping rather than significant earnings.

InboxDollars bases its model on email: they send you emails, you read them, and you get a little money back. It's the same idea as sites that show you advertisements; InboxDollars just saves you some time by sending the ads directly to you. You can also make money by signing up for free trials at InboxDollars partner websites. Be careful, though! If you put in a credit card number and the free trial ends, they will bill you, so keep careful track of the trial periods for any website that asks you for credit card details. Their minimum cash-out is $30, and it does take a while to get there - but if you're a little patient, they will reliably pay you.

Swagbucks offers its search function, which lets you can earn money for doing the web browsing you do anyway. They also offer cash back when you shop and money for watching videos, playing games and taking paid online surveys. Swagbucks pays with gift cards, but they have lots of options so that you can get credit somewhere you're already planning to shop. If you want to take surveys for money, this is a leading choice!


Vindale Research is a leading player in the paid online survey market and is one of the first stops for anyone looking to take surveys for money. The layout is intuitive and easy, and they don't turn around and sell your e-mail address to a mass of marketers!

Pay per click and reward sites will not allow you to earn a living from your home computer: anyone who tells you that they will is probably trying to sell you something. They do provide an easy way to earn a few extra dollars without lots of effort. If that's something that sounds appealing to you, the sites above are a good place to start!