The Best Virtual Assistant Jobs - Work Right Now!

Do you have experience in administrative positions? Do your friends admire your organizational skills? Virtual Assistant work may be perfect for you!


Efficiency is a professional skill in high demand. There's even a job description for it: the Virtual Assistant. Here are the best ways to make your mark in this rapidly expanding field.

Administrative skills are serious business. No industry or sector runs without administrative work, and people who have the skills to do it well can find employment in almost any industry. Unfortunately, administrative professionals often end up with less-than-ideal situations: long hours, rigid demands, and not as much respect as they deserve. If you're a seasoned pro or just looking to get started in the field, what can you do to use your impressive skills on your terms? Virtual Assistant (VA) work can provide a more flexible, more relaxed situation that still uses all of those valuable and hard-earned administrative skills - or can help you develop them if you're just getting started. Here are some tips and options for finding the best virtual assistant work online. Break free of the office and still earn!

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

Most work, even in offices, happens on a computer. Virtual assistant services include everything administrative assistants do - from running reports to managing email to scheduling meetings and bookkeeping-remotely. Different VAs will have various duties depending on their employers' needs, but some of the most common VA duties are dealing with email, scheduling and booking travel, and social media updating. Again, depending on your employer, you'll probably have certain hours you have to be "on-duty," and other tasks you can do on your own time.


Spotting the Scams

The internet being what it is, you do have to keep your eyes open for scams. Here are a few tips to keep you safe as you start your VA journey.

Never provide bank account information. Your employer may have a legitimate-sounding reason to ask for it - they need to transfer you some money that they'll pay back soon, they want to pay you by direct deposit, or some other reason. Never do it. Beginning VAs often fall for this scam. Use Paypal to get paid, or use a reputable freelancing brokerage site like UpWork or Freelancer.

Never pay for anything. Purchasing things for your employer is a reasonable thing for a VA to do - but you should never be doing it with your money, even if the company promises to pay you back. Likewise, employers may ask you to pay an entry fee, which is almost always a scam.

It shouldn't be too easy. Companies that offer massive amounts of money without providing a lot of job details, or want you to start without interviewing you, are usually scams. Your job is remote, but it's still a job. You should expect the same kind of application process, working hours, and pay that you would typically experience. People offering something way different from your expectations are probably up to no good.

Do your research. Whenever you get an offer for a new job, check the company out a little. Try Googling the name and "scam" or "job scam," or look them up on the Better Business Bureau.

Be precise about time tracking. It can get complicated for VAs to track exactly how much they work. How do you charge for micro-tasks like sending an email? How do you count the time that you have to be "on call"? Any VA job should start with a detailed conversation about your responsibilities, how you will track your time and what hours you'll be on call, and any employer worth keeping should be willing to revisit that system if you start having problems.

With those things in mind, though, there are lots of fantastic opportunities out there for VAs of all experience levels. The question is just where to find them - and we've put together some great options here.

Where Can I Find VA Work

At traditional job search sites. A Virtual Assistant is just an administrative, executive, or another kind of administrative employee who works remotely. So why not look for a VA job the same way you'd look for a traditional one? Search traditional job search websites with filters or keywords like "remote," "telecommute," and "virtual assistant." You'll most likely find a lot - and much of what you find will offer the benefits of traditional employment, too. Some good websites to search on are: (yes, really)


Freelancing platforms. Are you looking for more freedom than just a remote version of a traditional job? Freelancing platforms are places where clients post listings for whatever job they need, and freelancers bid on them. Virtual Assistant services are in high demand on these sites - you can usually select a search filter or category that will show you dozens or hundreds of VA jobs. You do have to keep alert for scams, but these sites have the advantage of offering lots of clients, flexible situations, and easy-to-use tools to keep track of your work. The best ones are:

By application platforms. Freelancing platforms where anyone can bid on a job are a great way to get started, but many of them feature intense competition, often from low-wage international applicants. If you already have experience with administrative work, in an office or online, you may be better off on application-specific sites that handle only virtual assistant services. For the VA who wants full flexibility, but also rates to match their experience, these websites are a great option:

VA services. The first thing you'll notice about these sites is that the "Sign up as a VA here" button is less prominent. These sites are client-focused and oriented toward clients seeking professional work and are willing to pay a higher rate to get it. That means that turnover is low, there may not always be openings, and they'll want to see a serious resume when you apply - but also the pay is good, work is steady, there's a reliable mediation service to deal with issues and disputes, and you can expect a professional working environment.

And these are just a few of the options available to find virtual assistant work. Use your experience, stay safe, and find a position that fits into your life. Start earning as a virtual assistant!