Top 7 Online Jobs for Transcription!

There are numerous online transcription jobs for beginners these days. Transcribe for top dollar on reputable sites. Learn how to get started!


Top 7 Online Jobs for Transcription!

You can make a decent salary providing transcription services these days. According to Glassdoor, the national average for a transcriptionist is $25,000,[1] which isn't all that bad for beginners, especially if you are an at-home transcriber. If you're interested in online jobs with general skills, we've identified the top seven sites to get you started in the field.

GoTranscript - No experience is necessary to begin transcribing from home. Choose as many assignments as you like including legal and medical services, book reviews, and academic research. Every Friday you will receive payments for all completed work through PayPal or Payoneer.

• You must speak English proficiently, and use proper grammar and spelling.
• Transcription guidelines are provided, and you must pass an audio quiz before moving to the next step.
• You must also pass a transcription test for video files according to the same guidelines before you can receive job requests via email.
• A computer with internet service is needed.

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TranscribeMe - No degree or work experience is necessary to begin earning on this site. Simply log in any day or time and download audio clips to transcribe. You are paid $20 per audio hour every Thursday through PayPal.

• A computer with internet connection, foot pedal for audio control, and headset are needed.
• You should be able to type well and have good listening skills as well.
• You need to pass a training program before downloading any audio files.

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FreeeUp - This is a website for freelancers and independent contractors working from home across many fields including transcription. Paychecks are offset by one week and are deposited to Payoneer or PayPal accounts on Thursdays.

• You must file a freelancer application which takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.
• You must schedule a skype interview which lasts 30 minutes where you will be asked about your skills, experience, and methods of communication.
• You will then be asked to study and take a "Best Practices and Terms of Use Test."
• A computer with internet access and Skype is needed.

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Witmart - This crowdsourcing site is used by freelancers around the globe looking for online jobs across a variety of fields. Register as a provider of transcription services and start bidding on jobs instantly. Payment varies per assignment, but some legal transcription documents pay $800 a piece. You must request a withdrawal and have a U.S. bank or use PayPal or Ali-pay.

• Having a computer with an internet connection is essential.
• You must have a valid email address.
• You need to choose either a 1099 or W9 form for filing taxes.

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Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) - This online job marketplace is where freelancers can work day or night, seven days a week transcribing. You must have a U.S. banking institution to get paid, or you can receive Amazon gift cards.

• A computer with internet access is needed.
• You must be over 18 years of age.
• A business can set specific qualifications for assignments and test your skills before the job is yours.

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PeoplePerHour - This is an excellent website for freelancing and bidding on transcription jobs from home, getting hired as an hourly employee for specific assignments, or being offered online transcription jobs based on your profile. Payments vary per task, and you must use a U.S. banking institution or have a PayPal account to get paid.

• A computer with an internet connection is needed.
• You must submit identification documentation.

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Scribie - With one of the world's leading transcription service companies, you gain instant access to transcription files on the job board 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You are paid a base rate for each segment transcribed through PayPal, which you can withdraw at any time.

• You should be proficient in English, able to understand accents, and have excellent communication skills.
• A reliable computer with internet access and a dependable headset are needed.

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Tips to Earn Even More!

If you choose to specialize and transcribe legal or medical documents, the salary increases significantly. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes the average yearly income for legal transcription to be $55,000[2] and medical transcription jobs are paying $35,000.[3] Medical transcriptionists are always in demand, and it doesn't require a great deal to become certified. Learn everything you need to know and where to obtain training in our detailed article "Medical Transcription in Hot Demand."