Top Apps to List a Parking Space for Rent

Let someone rent your parking spot or driveway to pick up a few bucks every hour! Use smartphone apps and rent your parking space today.


Your driveway, parking space, and garage are enormous assets in this sharing economy. Learn how you can benefit from your extra space when at work or on vacation. Get connected to people looking for parking in your area for the day, the week, or anytime you have an unoccupied spot to park in!

List your parking spot with smartphone apps to begin earning a rental income. Revenue from parking lots and garages will total nearly $10 million U.S. dollars by 2022.[1] Some of that cash could be yours! The best online jobs from home use the best apps to turn a profit with peer-to-peer rentals.

JustPark is helping property owners manage their assets effectively by giving away access to their platform, app, and tools at no cost. The JustPark app was designed to make parking easier by allowing individuals to earn from their unused spaces. Access millions of drivers, list your empty parking spot, and set up pricing and schedules for customers to book your space. Enjoy timely and secure PayPal payments for every booking. Invest in Yourself with the JustPark App!

ParqEx offers smart parking technology to a private parking marketplace! Follow the peer rental trend while it’s on the upward swing. List your parking space for rent while you aren’t occupying it to receive checks, PayPal transfers, direct deposits, and more! The ParqEx app gives you full control over the number of spaces to list, availability, and pricing. Ultimate security features include gate controls and door codes through the app! With this free side hustle app and state-of-the-art tools at your disposal, you can make money without investing a fortune. ParqEX Makes Working from Home a Reality!

Rover Parking is available nationwide to make parking more convenient and affordable. List your unused parking space with Rover and receive support any day, any time. Access thousands of drivers in need of parking accommodations in your area with the touch of a button. Set up a schedule to show when you have availability and start earning $3 per hour without taking on another hands-on gig job. Receive consistent direct deposit payments weekly through Stripe and a year-end tax summary to remove more hassle from your life! Download a Payday with Rover Parking!

CurbFlip allows you to turn your driveway into a profitable side job. All you need to do is list your parking space for free, name your price, and the app will book your empty space and turn it into earnings! The CurbFlip app gives you instant access to thousands of drivers in your area looking for an affordable place to park for a few hours, overnight, or for a week. Plus, there are no risky cash payments, just direct PayPal transfers! Get the CurbFlip Do-It-Yourself App!


Utilize free technology and peer-to-peer rentals to better manage your assets. Renting out your driveway, garage, parking spaces, and more are excellent ways to make money on the side. Download an app or two and get renting!

*Before renting out property, make sure you are 100% covered. Take precautionary steps and protect yourself from risk, loss, or damages. If you are without personal insurance, it's not hard to find a reputable provider. Some of our partners offer insurance or other protection plans that help you secure your possessions, but if you own something, it is your responsibility to keep it protected.