Top Boat Rental Websites for Yearly Income

Owning a boat has become a profitable side job in America, not an expense. Provide boat rental service to the world and generate a stream of income!


Our new sharing economy can help you keep your head above water! Powerboats, houseboats, and other watercraft are in demand and pay well. In the U.S., recreational boating is generating more than $121.5 billion annually.[1] Consider your vessel as an income source to keep your bank account afloat!

You aren't out on the water every day, are you? Rent out your boat to travelers or locals and cruise your way toward a lucrative salary. Use these websites and the best apps to share your boat for profits instead of paying for storage!

URentMe offers a platform and free smartphone apps to make money listing your boat for rent. Not only do they provide insurance coverage for your property, but also require a security deposit from renters to give you peace of mind. Monitor your bookings, requests, and pricing with easy-to-use tools. Earn side income every month with secure Stripe direct deposits! Earn Boatloads of Cash on URentMe!

FlipKey gives you access to hundreds of millions of water enthusiasts worldwide. Share your houseboat and boost your wealth with a free listing to start fishing for rental income! Access free tools to manage your side job, schedule bookings, and communicate with customers. Choose your own pricing options and accept secure payments within one day through PayPal. Keep the Money Flowing with FlipKey!

Boatsetter gives you free access to pre-screened boat renters around the globe, waiting to book and experience nautical adventures. Rent your power boat, fishing vessel, or sailboat to dive into incredible work-from-home profits! Set your pricing and terms, take reservations, and receive world-class insurance coverage and 24-hour support. Earn a yearly income with direct deposits through Stripe! Boatsetter Pays Big Bucks!

Renting to peers is rebuilding our economy and raising salaries across the nation. Take advantage of the revenue stream your marine property can generate. Lower your ownership costs and save money in storage fees. Utilize your assets! Boat rental gig jobs shell out big money!


*Before renting out property, make sure you are 100% covered. Take precautionary steps and protect yourself from risk, loss, or damages. If you are without personal insurance, it's not hard to find a reputable provider. Some of our partners offer insurance or other protection plans that help you secure your possessions, but if you own something, it is your responsibility to keep it protected.