Top Sites for Surveys, Reviews, and General Skills - Part 2


Music Xray

Listen to new music from upcoming artists and rate new songs for cash. Review tracks across multiple genres to earn. Become a fan and share your newfound melodies with your friends. Explore new talent and provide insights to grow and develop their careers, as well as your own! Make money rating the latest tunes and artists on Music Xray!


Increase your profits sharing your opinions. Receive short product surveys and compensation for every question answered! Earn top pay for every survey completed. Gain recognition as a trusted member by providing detailed and honest answers to questionnaires. Access the cash you have accumulated whenever you choose! Earn premium payouts with PaidViewpoint!


Join an online loyalty program with over 50 options for getting paid! Check out videos and play games whenever you have spare time. Enter contests and complete offers in seconds. Take surveys or shop for an income. Use a loyalty program to cash out your “wages” or trade them in for gift cards! Collect a paycheck from QuickRewards!

Springboard America

Improve services, products, and brands used by Americans each day! Engage in fun quizzes and online surveys. Earn points and entries into contests with each study and get paid weekly! Your opinions spark discussions and bring forth improvements in U.S. brands. Raise your salary with Springboard America!


Become an online rewards member and surround yourself with online income potential. Sit back and stream videos, listen to the radio, or read email for your daily job! Click on advertisements, download coupons, and refer a friend for your pay. Whether shopping online or completing offers and surveys, you will only earn cash! Get paid weekly with!

Don't Delay!

If you're an individual with lots of free time, spend several hours daily investing in yourself as a freelancer. If you're a busy parent with a tight schedule, supplement your income once the kids are in bed. And always take advantage of discounts when making purchases, don't pay full price! Make freelance work, cashback purchasing and discounts part of your financial strategy.

According to a recent national survey of the evolving workforce, $715 billion is added into the economy annually through freelance workers.[1] We urge you to join the online workforce. Become a freelancer on top sites and work toward a better financial future!

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