These Top Work-From-Home Companies are Hiring Now!

Great companies hire staff that work from home regularly! The benefits are simply too great to ignore. Check out opportunities at Hilton, Apple, U-Haul, Kelly Services and more!


Many of us associate work from home jobs with freelancing, looking for work on a daily basis and not knowing who the next client will be. That lifestyle appeals to some, but many others who want to earn money from home have serious doubts about giving up the security and benefits of regular employment. The work-at-home landscape is changing, though, and major corporations are recognizing that letting employees work from home gets them higher productivity, greater job satisfaction and lower costs on facilities. Many companies are now hiring at-home workers as a substantial component of their workforce, often with the same benefits and support that in-office workers have!

Working from home for a major company will probably not give you the same level of freedom that you'd get from freelancing. You will have a boss, maybe not in the same room, but you'll still have a boss. You'll work fixed hours, and you'll be expected to be on station when you're on the clock, with no running over to the kitchen or stopping to play with the kids. You may be required to report to an office for initial or continuing training, or for meetings. Still, you will have a work from home job. Your average workday will be at home, in an office a few steps from your bedroom; you won't have to commute, and you'll have most of the benefits of working at home while retaining a regular paycheck, insurance, retirement benefits, and a company to handle your tax records. For many of the people trying to earn money at home, that's a winning combination.

Hundreds of companies now hire at-home workers, filling positions from customer service and data entry to advanced technology development. The qualifications depend on the job, but there are positions for workers with anything from a high school diploma to an advanced degree. Here's a list of some of the major work-from-home companies. Look carefully at the offerings, select those that fit your qualifications, prepare a compelling application, and get some applications out there!



Hilton Worldwide is one of the largest hospitality and travel companies in the world. They offer work from home positions in sales and customer service. Benefits with Hilton are fairly standard for any regular, in-person job, with access health insurance, dental coverage, and a 401K plan after 90 days of employment. Hilton has a travel discount program and an incentive program that rewards employees for exemplary work. Hilton provides some of the equipment, but you will need to provide much of your office gear. A dedicated landline and a wired high-speed internet connection are required. Hilton currently offers work at home positions in thirty states.

Kelly Services

Kelly at Home is one of America's most prominent work-from-home companies. The jobs are call center work for Kelly client companies: you collaborate with the customer's company but as a Kelly employee. You'll have to provide a dedicated work space, internet connection, and telephone service, but they don't require shoes or a formal suit! Benefits include paid time off, insurance, referral bonuses, employee discounts, and weekly electronic pay. Hours are flexible, but once you commit to a schedule, you're expected to keep it. Applicants are required to have a high school diploma or its equivalent, some experience with computers, and excellent communication skills.


Xerox is another well-known company that offers work at home positions. Unlike a lot of the companies on this list, Xerox offers a wide variety of potential work from home careers, including sales, analytics, and management positions. Some posts will require that you be within the vicinity of the job posting, but many are available to purely remote workers. Xerox uses a "hub and spoke" strategy that manages remote employees from the nearest Xerox office, so some jobs are specific to particular States. The Company prides itself on being a leading edge member of the work-at-home movement and offers innovative systems to support and advance their remote employees. Xerox has a "Heroes @Home" program that prioritizes the hiring of qualified veterans and military spouses, so if you are a military or e-military family, be sure to explore this option.


Apple hires at-home employees to take care of customer service and many tech support issues. They offer both full-time and part-time positions, and both are eligible for a full benefits package. Apple benefits include product discounts and paid time off. They also provide a computer for you to use for work purposes, as well as a headset. There's potential for advancement, even within their work from home program.



U-Haul uses work at home workers to take incoming reservations and answer questions about U-Haul products and services. Comprehensive training is provided to prepare workers for the job. This position is part time, but relatively flexible. A high-speed internet connection, computer, phone, and quiet workspace are required. While there's not a lot of variety among the positions this company offers, and full-time telecommuting positions may not be available, it is entirely location independent, meaning you can take the job with you when you move or even on vacation.

Things to Remember

Employment with major work-from-home companies has real benefits, but also requires a high level of responsibility and self-discipline. That starts with the application process: lots of people want these jobs and apply for them. You have to convince the company that you are not only qualified and capable, but also motivated, disciplined, and determined to succeed. These are qualities that all employers look for, but they are most critical in at-home workers, who are outside direct. Start from the beginning with a positive attitude and a commitment to deliver your best, and make sure that shows.

If you land a job with a major work-from-home company, remember that your employer is taking a chance on you, and it's up to you to prove that they made the right decision. You've got a great gig: a regular salary and full benefits without the cost burden of commuting, lunches out, and an office wardrobe. Appreciate it, and live up to it. Make sure everyone around you knows that even if you are at home, you are still working and your time is committed. Make whatever child care arrangements you need, but don't try to double up work and child care: it won't work.

Looking for these jobs may seem an uphill struggle. Remember that while you're looking for work, hundreds of companies are looking just as hard for trustworthy employees who will appreciate their jobs and consistently deliver quality work. You can be that person, and you can land that job.