Working from home is fun. Join online logo design contests and win cash prizes! Many new contests are added daily to increase your earning potential with 48HoursLogo.


What Kind of Work Is it?

48HoursLogo gives customers access to reasonably priced high-quality logo design. Outsourcing the work-from-home jobs to freelancers around the globe offers a competitive marketplace for designing prints, creating websites, and gaining recognition in the industry. Within 48 hours logos get created! Use the Portfolio section and get hired for one-on-one projects. Submit a few designs today!

Join for free and participate in online logo design contests. Over 20 contests are added every day giving plenty of chances to earn more money working from home! Read the briefs and choose logo concepts to submit during the qualifying stage. All the submissions are private, and you will receive feedback to improve the designs. Three finalists are chosen for the revisions stage where uploads are visible to all contestants. The winner moves on to the finalizing stage to incorporate any minor adjustments the client requests and receive their prize!

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How Do I Get Paid?

Quality designs get you paid!

• Contest winners receive a prize, usually between $100 and $300, less 20% commission
• For all non-winning logo sales, you receive 80%, typically between $50 and $100
• Get paid $5 for every Designer Invite, and Participation Tip received. All contest finalists win $3
• There are no set limits or minimums to get paid.

Request payments through PayPal anytime, however, transaction fees do apply.

Qualifications and Requirements

You will need an email address, nickname, and PayPal account to join. You must adhere to the Designer Code of Conduct to work from home. Submit contest mock-ups with no more than 1000px and 500KB. Upload high-resolution PDF, JPG, and source file in PSD or AI formats. Social media profile dimensions are 180×180px and headers are 828×315px.


Top Earner Tips

Even the best work from home jobs require persistence and passion. If you aren’t chosen as a contest winner, go to the profile page and select Auto-sell for another shot at earning. Set a price and the client is notified of the option to purchase your designs!

Know the intentions for your designs before you begin. Contest items may include business cards, letterhead & envelope, t-shirts, social media covers, or vehicle wraps. Grow your portfolio and bank account today!

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