AIM Academics (AIM4A)


What Kind of Work Is it?

AIM Academics (Aim4A Tutoring) hires work-at-home tutors and teachers to provide online academic support and instruction to students at every education level. A vast selection of academic subjects is available, but demand is high for math, science, English, and common foreign languages. Tutors provide one-on-one assistance with homework and test prep for both academic exams and standardized tests including GED, PSAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, and AP.

Teach or tutor online from anywhere in the world using audio and data conferencing. No matter where the students hail from, all instruction is provided in English. The company will give you access to the software for a shared virtual whiteboard, but you are expected to provide a personal computer, with speakers and a microphone, a broadband internet connection, and Skype. Certain subjects may also require the use of a tablet and pen. The hours are flexible, but you must be willing to work with students in North America, Europe, or Australia.

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How Do I Get Paid?

You set your hourly wages or salary preferences for instruction, which are submitted in your initial email for application. You can request payments and get paid with credit or debit card processing or an eCheck via PayPal.

Qualifications and Requirements

Teachers must have a Bachelor’s Degree in the subject being taught, top-notch verbal and written English skills, previous teaching experience. No teacher's certificate is required. To apply, you must email your resume with specific details:

• Your wage expectations
• Skype username
• Available working hours
• A short descriptive paragraph on why you want hired

Top Earner Tips

Newer tutors and teachers should research and prepare for a different mode of teacher-student interaction. There are abundant resource materials available online, and several discussion forums where tutors can discuss their day to day issues along with ways to solve them. You need to bring your own bag of tricks to the table!


Instructing students from multiple nationalities and cultures, you will encounter different approaches to learning and different expectations. Some students may expect you to do their assignments for them, while others may not show politeness or respect. Be prepared to deal with many cultural differences.

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