Be empowered alongside a network of women leading the nation in social beauty sales. Join the Avon team now for access to a free website, virtual tools and training, product discounts, and marketing materials!


What Kind of Work Is it?

Avon has a longstanding reputation of empowering networks of women, and their iconic brand leads the nation in cosmetic sales. Great for aspiring entrepreneurs, single or work-at-home moms, and women wanting career independence, beginning a new career today selling skincare products, cosmetics, and fragrances at events, parties, a client's home, and online can be very exciting! Set financial goals and enjoy owning your business as a full-time career or when you need extra cash.

Making social connections and having personalized interactions with other women is extremely important for your Avon business, so don't be afraid to get together with the girls! Digital direct selling tools make it easy for you to earn and your customers to shop online. Market and sell products through your personalized eStores adding customized features such as blogs, video, special offers and product highlights. Utilize email marketing programs and social media content from the company, and don't forget to hand out flyers and business cards to maximize profits. One of the best jobs from home is available right now!

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How Do I Get Paid?

Purchase Avon products, sell directly to customers, and earn up to 40% on all sales. Selling in person allows you to accept cash. Online sales are credited to your account. Credits over $25 are paid via bi-monthly Direct Deposits into your bank. Leadership sales are paid as Direct Deposits as previously mentioned, or as Prepaid Visa Cards. Before you get paid, however, the company pays itself any money due on current product invoices.

Qualifications and Requirements

There is a low-cost appointment fee to begin a work-from-home Avon Business. U.S. residents over 18 can sign up with name, home address, phone number, and email address. You must purchase discounted products or apply for credit and have a bank account for payments.

Top Earner Tips

Earning money through Avon takes effort, and it's well worth it! You can:

• Give your customers access to a unique Mobile Virtual Makeover Tool to increase sales
• Utilize management support seminars and mentoring workshops offered through Avon
• Grow with over 100 self-paced online training opportunities on YourAvon where you can Build, market, and manage your business from this site
• Take part in community outreach and expand your network of friends by participating in the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade and Speak Out Against Domestic Violence events


Health Benefits Included

Reap the benefits of low-cost healthcare options designed for Avon Representatives including dental, disability, and vision coverage.

• The FREE Health Discount Program offers reduced travel, car rental, theme park and movie theater tickets, and flowers!
• The Retirement Program Savings Plan allows you to contribute easily
• Get a 10% tuition discount, waived application fee, and up to $8,000 in grants at Capella University
• The Sales Leadership Program pays you to sell while recruiting new employees and you get to keep a percentage of their future sales!

Get started on your home-based business today!

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