Do you love to cook? Have you enjoyed hosting dinner parties and other events in your home? Get paid to host a mind-blowing cultural food experience for worldly travelers!


What Kind of Work Is it?

BonAppetour is essentially the Airbnb for food. Travelers and foodies can eat with locals and enjoy delicious food experiences, casually soaking in the ambiance created by local home chefs, going on food tours at local eateries, taking cooking classes and feasting on the creations, or attending a cocktail dinner party. Become a member and an integral ingredient to vacationing and traveling the globe with the latest app for social dining. Be the highlight of someone’s trip; share your culture, home, and love of food!

Work from home chefs help create unique travel encounters over food and conversation in 80 cities worldwide. Make money working from home showing off your talents to the world. Experiment with new menus and set a mood to enhance dining experiences for vacationers. Membership is free!

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How Do I Get Paid?

Earn up to $1,000 per dinner! You are in control of each engagement and the price to host said event. You should base your fee on your experience level and the purchase price for ingredients plus the time spent before, during, and after the event. Keep your prices like a comparable meal from a restaurant. Each customer pays through the app before your contact information is given to ensure your pay. Your payment is transferred through PayPal 24 hours after the customer’s experience.

Qualifications and Requirements

Only skilled and passionate chefs can host for this work from home company. You will need to:

• Provide your name, city, email address, and phone number to get started
• Begin by creating an experience for guests including a sample menu, photos of the setting you’ve chosen to share, and photos of the dishes being served.
• Verify any special requests including dietary restrictions before the scheduled event.

Top Earner Tips

Use these virtual jobs to build a name for yourself and market your brand. Be sure to elaborate upon your interests, hobbies, and languages within your profile. Access free marketing resources and draw a larger crowd.

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