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What Kind of Work Is it?

CashCrate offers members an organized pay-per-click platform for performing "micro-tasks." Joining takes no time at all, it's free, and you instantly receive $0.50 for completing your profile. Click on activity tabs and set your filters to begin your day working from home or on your device. Whether you choose $1 surveys 15 times a day, penny videos to stream for hours, or various offers to explore websites, all you do is click to claim your cash.

It's easy to earn money working from home with CashCrate, but you must keep at it to supplement your income. Register for free gift cards, print coupons, play games, and join other fun activities to begin accumulating earnings on the site. Get paid to shop on the site with special discount codes and receive cash back. Send your friends! Give your unique link to friends and receive 20% commission on their earnings too!

How Do I Get Paid?

As far as pay periods are concerned, they are scheduled much like “traditional” jobs. All members are on a set payment schedule. Your member level and payment preferences will determine when you are paid. Your earnings are accumulated by months, so your payments will be offset at first (i.e., money accrued during January is payable in February). Generally, paydays are the first and middle of the month, while Gold and Elite members are paid weekly.

Whether you prefer to be paid by check, direct deposit, PayPal, or Dwolla, there is a minimum cash out restriction of $20. Members working from home for weekly payouts, however, have a $100 minimum. If you wish to get paid by check, it is typically processed within one business day and has no associated fees.

Qualifications and Requirements

CashCrate offers jobs you can do from home, or anywhere, without restrictions! Anyone over 18 years of age, or 13 with parental consent and living in the United States can join and begin working from home immediately. A valid email address and a few personal details are necessary to set up an account.

Top Earner Tips

Top earners already working from home with CashCrate recommend providing specific and detailed opinions on surveys. Bonus surveys and offers are offered regularly, and you don't want to miss out! Log in every day and take part in monthly, daily, and other special contests that can earn you extra cash and prizes!


Refer, refer, refer! Your commission increases over time (up to 30%) as you refer new users to the site, as well as bonus payments when your referrals reach milestones themselves! Jobs you can do from home are plentiful at CashCrate. Begin working from home today and get $1 FREE just for signing up!