Sell your writing online today to a global market. Social media and blog posts, product and book reviews, and articles paying up to $0.10 per word! Get in on the action!


What Kind of Work Is it?

Contentgather is connecting website content writers to buyers to exchange online products and services. Get paid to write articles, blog posts, press releases, and product reviews. There are no limits for listing your content writing for sale!

There are currently two ways freelancers working from home can earn here, with pre-written content gathered for sale in the marketplace, or custom jobs where you meet specific requirements at the buyer's list price. Custom work from home jobs need completed within 8 hours and submitted to the buyer for review.

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How Do I Get Paid?

You'll need a PayPal account for payments. Payment is based on your writer level ranging from $0.02-$0.12 per word. Silver level writer or higher receives advanced payments for marketplace articles ranging from 5-15%. Your Overall Rating determines your level. The higher levels get to charge more per article and are chosen more frequently for custom jobs. Your Overall Rating is based on content rating, approval rating, number of transactions completed, and account age. Elite status earns no less than $0.10 per word. The minimum cash-out is $5, so get paid instantly when you need it.

Qualifications and Requirements

To write with Contentgather:

• You must be 16 years of age and proficiently speak English to be a web content writer
• All content must be original and exclusive to the site
• The minimum word count is set at 250; maximum is 1,500
• You must submit articles for staff review and once approved, it is listed for sale, and you receive an advance payment.

*You can remove work from the Marketplace and maintain ownership anytime.

Top Earner Tips

When preparing for content development, utilize recent sales histories to see what's selling, and how often topics sell. Avoid opinions or bias in your works. Avoid first-person accounts. Fictional accounts or stories are not marketable and rarely approved. Choose catchy titles and keep readers engaged.

Native English writers should apply for Elite status for the best work from home jobs. If accepted, immediately receive a significant boost in ratings an advanced writer level, and access to the most jobs from home.

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