Thanks to DoorDash, food is rushed to hungry people every day. Become a Dasher delivering food from local restaurants to people in your city. Help satisfy the world’s cravings!


What Kind of Work Is it?

DoorDash is stimulating the economy and empowering local businesses with the help of work from home freelancers. The company’s technology provides door-to-door food delivery service from a large variety of restaurants to feed customers and make life a little easier for a lot of folks! Thousands of cities across America have openings for these new work-from-home jobs. Become a Dasher, reserve your schedule, or work whenever you choose and bridge the hunger gap today!

Get activated, get your gear, download the iOS or Android App, and begin accepting Dashes. Receive an activation kit as part of your onboarding. Use the Red Card at restaurants to pay for pick-up orders like any other prepaid card. Deliver the tasty treats and get paid! When the app asks, “Delivery near me?” Be there to deliver. Keep your company t-shirt near, and Dash away!

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How Do I Get Paid?

Pay periods are Monday through Sunday. Payments are per delivery, and you keep 100% of the tips! Paydays occur weekly by Direct Deposit transfers into your bank account. Depending on your banking institution, it may take a few days to process the payment. Taxes are not withheld from paychecks, but you will receive a 1099-MISC tax form annually if you earn more than $600 in a single year.

Qualifications and Requirements

All Dashers must:

• Be at least 18 years old with an Android Smartphone or iPhone
• Have an email address, phone number, and postal address
• Provide your full name and social security number are required to perform background checks
• Provide a bank account is for weekly paychecks
• All drivers must maintain a valid license and insurance coverage with no major traffic violations over the past seven years.

*A driving record can have no more than three incidents within the last three years. Local, state, and federal criminal background checks are run for the past seven years.

There are no specific vehicle requirements. Depending on locale, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and walkers can also partake of these jobs from home.


Top Earner Tips

Working from home can provide an excellent source of income or just some extra cash. To make the most of your time, be sure to use these tips:

• Check your app often for new orders
• Bring your gear, most importantly, the hot bag!
• Stay in areas near various restaurants to be matched to orders more quickly (especially during peak times for lunch and dinner crowds)
• Keeping customers informed of their order status boosts your ratings, even if you must be late
• Always check the orders before leaving or have the restaurant verify all items are present
• Refer a friend to make even more money from virtual jobs using DoorDash food delivery technology. Both of you receive bonus payouts when they reach delivery milestones!

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