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What Kind of Work Is it?

FreeeUp helps businesses around the world hire freelancers for projects. Freelancers, or Independent Contractors use the site daily to work from home, offer their skills, and set desired hourly rates. Professional skills including e-commerce, cryptocurrency, web design, content creation, and translation, get you hired for the best work from home jobs as well as knowledge in software and communication programs! Apply for virtual jobs within your skillset, land an interview, and get hired within 15 minutes!

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How Do I Get Paid?

Set up your account profile and payment method to get paid weekly through Payoneer or PayPal. An assistant will reach out to help you get started. Paychecks are offset one week. All clients are charged on Thursdays, then freelancers are paid the following Thursday.

Qualifications and Requirements

Join the community now to view all open projects and meet the clients. Accessing the FreeeUp Marketplace is easy.

• Simply fill out the 20-minute freelancer application
• Receive an invitation to schedule a 30-minute Skype interview to discuss core skills, past work experiences, and methods of communication.
• If you're invited to the final stage, you take the "Best Practices and Terms of Use Test" (don't worry; you receive study materials)!

Top Earner Tips

Show up for interviews on time and be concise with your answers. Ask questions about the company and how to use the platform effectively. New freelance jobs become available each day. Get hired directly through your account and start billing the top work from home companies!

Learn from others in the community. Be active! Refer workers to the site and get paid 25 cents for every hour they bill, unless they are experts, then you earn 50 cents per billed hour!

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