Work at Home selling electronics for Cash! Get paid for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. Earn money online by selling your used devices!


What Kind of Work Is it?

Gazelle is offering sales and marketing jobs from home, and no skills are required! This top-notch e-Commerce or "Re-commerce" company buys used devices, including smartphones, tablets, iPods, laptops, and desktops. Use to sell your phone for cash today! Begin by choosing the device model and then selecting the previous carrier, such as AT&T or Sprint. To best determine the amount paid, you are asked a series of questions like:

• Does the device power on?
• Does the screen light up?
• Are cracks or scratches visible?

Then, instantly receive an offer to Get Paid. It's so easy!

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How Do I Get Paid?

Choose one of 3 payment methods:

• Amazon Gift Card
• Cash in your PayPal account
• Check by mail

If you are selling multiple devices at once, you receive separate quotes and one consolidated payment.

Qualifications and Requirements

Virtual Jobs are an excellent online source of income for freelancers, parents, and anyone needing extra cash! With, you’ll only need an email address to get a quote. If you decide to sell electronics on the site, personal demographics, including full name and address, are required to print your free shipping label with either FedEx or USPS.

Top Earner Tips

Sell your phone or older devices immediately after upgrades to earn top dollar. Newer models are more valuable, so cash in soon! Choosing Amazon as your payment method will give you an extra 3% FREE!

Spread the word for extra cash. Receive a $10 Prepaid Visa for each person referred to the site. Referring is as easy as sending messages through Twitter, Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp & More. Your friends will thank you when they see a free $10 credit in their account too! Online jobs are as simple as getting paid for unwanted items!

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