GoTranscript is calling all freelancers to work online providing translation, transcription, or captioning services. Convert audio and video files into text from anywhere in the world. Beginners and pros alike can start earning today!


What Kind of Work Is it?

GoTranscript offers reliable, accurate, and speedy online transcription services to the world. Service on the go! Transcript files can be uploaded from anywhere and Freelancers with English proficiency are in demand right now to convert audio and video files into text. No experience is necessary, and transcription guidelines are provided to maintain consistency within the company.

Get started with a 14-question quiz on the audio transcription services guidelines. When you receive 100%, you can move on to a test with video transcription services. If you do not pass the first time, practice and try back in a few days. Once you've passed, send the email, and await a response.

Team members receive emails for new transcription requests. Choose as many projects as you like from a variety of virtual jobs including legal, medical, book review, and academic research. Earn top dollar working from home today.

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How Do I Get Paid?

You will need to establish an account with PayPal or Payoneer to get paid. Every week on Fridays, payments for all completed work is deposited. Work that is still in review by an editor is not considered complete. When you receive feedback from the team with your rating, you can get paid. If you choose PayPal for payments, the company pays any transaction fees applied.

Qualifications and Requirements

Work-from-home applicants must have a computer with internet access. Employees are proficient in the English language and use proper spelling and grammar.

Top Earner Tips

Utilize your access to the support team. If you receive a file with poor quality, let someone know immediately. You will not be penalized, and the company will return and request a proper file to transcribe. Team feedback and ratings are vital to your success. Adjust your work according to the critiques received to boost your ratings. Anything above a 4.5, presents opportunities to become an editor!

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