Test free new products at home, earn points, get paid! Help global brands to improve and succeed. Make even more with paid surveys!


What Kind of Work Is it?

Hiving's members are working from home as participants in an online consumer paneling service. Joining is simple, and once in, you are free to click around and start earning! Visit the micro-task job listing page, set filters, and choose any number of work from home jobs available for points. You must sign up for a Figure Eight account to begin working from home with Hiving. Then, choose tasks such as comparing images, searching for websites, or finding release dates to collect points. Your thoughtful insights will not only put money in the bank, but they will also improve the products and services in the market today.

Take advantage of all the site has to offer to maximize your earnings. Get 300 points for starting your first survey which begins your profile. Surveys that match your profile are offered and cover a broad range of topics including everyday household products, automotive services, health products, even hobbies. Hiving will give you 600 points for each new member you refer to the site who is ready to earn with work from home jobs. Send your friends and colleagues an invitation on Facebook or register their email addresses on the site. Increase your earnings; stay involved!

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How Do I Get Paid?

At Hiving, you earn points that can be used in various ways. Converting points into cash with PayPal takes several weeks to process, and you must have at least 4,000 points or $4 to cash out. Purchase a lottery ticket for 400 points and get a chance to win huge jackpots! Use your points for good, and make a charitable donation to Red Cross, WWF, or UNICEF. You can even send points to your friends to encourage them to visit the site more often. It's your money, use it however you want!

Qualifications and Requirements

Only U.S. residents are eligible for membership. Members must be 18 years of age to participate or age 15 with a guardian's permission. A valid email address and minor demographic details are all you need to join and start working from home today.


Top Earner Tips

Boost your earning potential. Be an active participant on the site performing work from home jobs regularly. Refer social media followers, friends, family members, and any other network connections you have to earn points quickly. Get started with Hiving today!

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