Help people around the globe learn your language and make tons of cash tutoring online! Teach foreign languages on a platform with over a million students, ready to pay you for an online lesson right now.


What Kind of Work Is it?

italki is connecting foreign language learners around the world to real teachers speaking the language. More than a million students are currently studying 100+ languages. Teachers with the best work from home jobs are giving personal online lessons in their native tongue, or another fluent language many times per week. Get paid thousands of dollars as an online language tutor.

Decide what your time is worth and set your rates for one-on-one lessons. Earn extra money or build your online business working from home. Advertise your skills, engage with the community, and reply to inquiries on the site. Help others learn languages online, teaching on your own schedule and terms. Easily accept international payments and manage student records through this online work from home company. Sign up now and see how many students are waiting to learn a new language from you!

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How Do I Get Paid?

Request payments bi-monthly before the 15th and 30th of each month to and get paid two weeks later using Payoneer, a Bank Transfer through Payoneer, or PayPal. For payment via Skrill or Alipay submit requests by the 30th for funding by the 10th of the following month. You must accrue $30 before a request is made.

Qualifications and Requirements

There are currently two types of teachers:

• Professional teachers are trained educators or have professional teaching experience and are expected to provide prepared materials, resources, and lesson plans. Proper documentation must be uploaded for verification.
• Community tutors are helpful, knowledgeable, and provide informal, conversational practice. All will adhere to the Teacher Policies & Teacher Code of Conduct.

To work from home, you'll need:

• A headset and a computer with an internet connection speed of 2MB
• An external camera or microphone is preferred
• Choose a free VOIP software provider. Skype (used by most students and teachers), Hangouts, Facetime, or QQ must be installed before your first scheduled lesson.
• File a Free online teaching application which serves as your profile. Choose a username, describe your background, and the languages you speak. Attach profile photos. Make a video intro in each spoken language. You receive a response within two weeks.


Top Earner Tips

Customer service is free to all members for solving student problems, managing payments, and coordinating across time zones. Communicate prompt replies to students and always attend lessons. Be respectful. Maintain your profile, services, and availability on the site.

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