What Kind of Work Is it?

If you like to write and have written or are considering writing a book, iUniverse is there to help with a full range of self-publishing services.

iUniverse was founded in 1999 and has become a leader in its field by offering a range of services beyond those available from most self-publishing companies. iUniverse helps you to publish your book and then helps you to ensure that it the best that it can be by offering an editorial evaluation as well as a marketing evaluation.

The editorial evaluation ensures that there are no typos, spelling errors or grammatical mistakes while the marketing evaluation helps to determine if the book is ready for marketing and if the author is ready to put the work needed into marketing the book.

iUniverse also offers several editorial services to ensure that your books have no mistakes in them as well as allowing you to put your book in print, audio, and even electronic format. This company will help you to design each part of your book and provide marketing assistance.

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How Do I Get Paid?

iUniverse pays through direct deposit or check by mail. You will receive your payment each quarter if your royalty balance is over 75 dollars. If your royalty balance is under 75 dollars, it will roll over to the next quarter. You are only paid for the books that have sold and shipped during the quarter, so you need to understand that even if a book were ordered at the end of the first quarter but not printed and shipped until the second quarter, you would be paid for that book during the second quarter.

The royalty rates are based on what type of book is sold (audio, printed or eBook) as well as where it is sold. You will receive the highest royalty percentage (50%) for eBooks, 25 percent if the book is purchased through the iUniverse bookstore and 10 percent if the book is purchased through a retail partner. Commissions are calculated after all shipping and handling fees as well as after any discounts the customer has received.

You will receive royalties on each book that is sold unless the book is purchased by the author or co-author this is because iUniverse offers deep discounts to the author of the books.


Qualifications and Requirements

You must provide a TIN ID and/or Social Security Number.

Top Earner Tips

Make sure that you are writing about something you are passionate about and that interests you. Books do not have to appeal to a mass market to earn: many books succeed financially by offering strong appeal within a niche market.

Test your book as an eBook before printing it. Testing will help you to get the book into the market as well and help you get a few reviews, which will allow you to determine if the book is going to be worth the price of publishing or not. Once it has proven successful as an eBook, then move on to paper books as well as audio books.

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