Kelly Services


What Kind of Work Is it?

Kelly Services hires at-home workers to provide inbound and outbound call center services for clients in a wide range of businesses. The clients contract Kelly for the services, and Kelly farms out the work to their employees. Kelly Services at-home customer service agents are regular employees with insurance and retirement benefits, paid training, vacation, holiday, and sick pay and bonus/reward programs.

Customer service agents choose from a variety of contract types and clients. Kelly will select the contracts that they feel suit your experience and abilities. This arrangement provides for flexible time commitments, but once you accept an assignment, you are expected to fulfill its terms. The regular employee status that Kelly offers comes with benefits, but also expectations: employees are expected to report for work during agreed hours and exhibit a high degree of professionalism.

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How Do I Get Paid?

Employees report their hours weekly. Hours must be reported by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on the Sunday following the work week. Payments are made by direct deposit to your savings or checking account, within seven days from the report date.

Qualifications and Requirements

Applicants should have a high school diploma or GED, basic computer literacy including familiarity with Windows, and some customer service experience. You should be determined, disciplined, and motivated. Kelly is looking for employees who can consistently provide callers with exceptional customer service experiences.

Kelly at-home employees are expected to have a dedicated work space that can be effectively isolated from the rest of the house and provides freedom from distractions. Telephone and high-speed internet services are required.


Top Earner Tips

If Kelly Services hires you as an at-home customer service agent, you will be working at home. You will also be a regular employee of a major corporation, and that's something you will have to remember. The Company will provide you with clear statements of their specific policies and protocols, and you will be most successful if you follow them to the letter.

Working with Kelly Services allows you the luxury of working at home, but you will not have the freedom that a freelance or self-employed worker would. You will be expected to meet your time commitments religiously and assure that work time is purely for work. Do not expect to be able to work and watch the kids or the stove at the same time: work time! If you are looking for formal work in a home setting, Kelly is likely to be among your top options, but you owe it to yourself, your employer, the client companies and the callers you will serve to be 100% sure that you are ready for the commitment.

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