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Find the best freelance music jobs available with Music Xray. Get connected with industry professionals looking to buy songs with lyrics, background music, trendy tunes, and more.


What Kind of Work Is it?

Music Xray is your instant connection to the music industry. Over 1,200 industry pros are using the site to find talented artists to start working from home today. Sign up for a free account, upload an unlimited number of tracks across any music genre, reference similar songs, and get connected to a list of online music jobs matching your creations.

Freelance music gigs can be some of the best work from home jobs. Create pop vocals and country songs for current artists, make tracks to loop for movie scenes, and so much more. Artists are grabbing the attention of major players by gaining thousands of fans monthly on Musicxray. Upload your tracks, grow a fanbase, and cut a deal now!

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How Do I Get Paid?

Payments are made through PayPal. You can request to be paid any time, so long as the $20 minimum has been reached. Prices vary per work-from-home job. For example, a sports promo pays $3K while commercial music earns $30K, a Russian pop song pays $2K while Indie pop remixes fetch $100K, and there are no limits on how much you can earn from freelancing your music!

Qualifications and Requirements

These jobs from home require an artist account, which is created with a name and valid email. Only files in mp3 format and less than 20MB are accepted for upload to the site. You retain the rights to share your music using other sites like SoundCloud.

Top Earner Tips

Serious music professionals expect you to have a solid fan base, so start taking steps to expand your work from home network. Utilize fan campaigns and analytics to know which songs are gaining popularity and what needs improvement. Increase your income potential by inviting other artists to the site and getting an affiliate ID for your posts on the feed.

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