Paid Surveys at Home

Is this your ticket to fun, easy money? Preview movie trailers, take phone surveys, tell companies why you buy certain products and get paid!


What Kind of Work Is it?

Paid Surveys at Home works with hundreds of market research firms, developing opportunities for people like you to earn money for their opinions. Users earn money completing surveys at home, for pay. They can also participate in focus groups, take phone surveys, try new products (and even keep them) and preview movie trailers. Paid Surveys at Home acts as an intermediary between you and the survey provider. You have access to a database of surveys, where you will register to get access to actual surveys. You will have to pay for access, so be sure you want to continue before actually registering for the surveys.

Paid Surveys at Home is a paid membership service, which can be canceled up to 8 weeks after registration.

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How Do I Get Paid?

Payments are made by PayPal or check. Checks are sent twice a month, though some opportunities may offer payment only once a month.

Qualifications and Requirements

You must be 18 years old or older. Some surveys are available only to US residents.

Top Earner Tips

Review the survey database carefully and register for the opportunities that interest you the most.

As with most survey sites, you may not be eligible for all surveys: be prepared for disqualification from some surveys. Surveys may not yield as much money as you are led to believe.

If you register for paid access to the survey database and subsequently decide to cancel, be sure that your cancellation has been processed by Clickbank, the site's operator, to avoid recurring charges.

If you register with your personal email address you may receive unwanted offers. Consider using a different address.

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