What Kind of Work Is it?

PeoplePerHour (PPH) provides connections between professional freelancers (Sellers) and clients in need of services (Buyers), PeoplePerHour serves as an agent for both freelancers and clients, working to ensure a positive business exchange between all parties involved.

PeoplePerHour currently has over 150,00 freelancers specializing in a variety of fields including design, web development, marketing and sales, social media, writing and translation, business support, and software development. When businesses need a job done, they post the details to PeoplePerHour. Freelancers can then view the job postings and place bids on the work. The website also provides communication and payroll services, making it a one-stop site for businesses and freelancers to get the job done.

Buyers can purchase work in three different ways on PeoplePerHour. The first option is to purchase what are called "Hourlies" - pre-established services offered by Sellers at a fixed price. The second option is to post the job (and budget) to the website and have Sellers bid on the work; Buyers then select the best candidate. The third option allows Buyers to browse Seller profiles and contact them directly to inquire about work the Buyer requires.

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How Do I Get Paid?

When a Buyer and Seller come to an agreement on the work and pay terms, the Buyer deposits the funds into an Escrow account. When the work is completed, the Seller submits an invoice which asks the Buyer to release the Escrow funds to the Seller's PPH account. The Buyer has seven days to release the funds.

Once the funds are released, the Seller has three options. First, the Seller can use those funds to purchase other work through PeoplePerHour (as a Buyer). If the Seller wants direct access to the funds, they can link their PPH account to their PayPal or bank account. The money will be direct-deposited within three days of the Seller's request to allocate the money.

Qualifications and Requirements

You will have to submit identification documents.


Top Earner Tips

A seller should have an outstanding Profile that will get Buyers interested in the Seller's work and help them feel confident in their decision to hire the Seller. It's also a great idea to share this profile on your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to expand your network. PeoplePerHour will even pay you $30 for every referral.

Another great way for Sellers to establish credibility is to use Endorsements. In addition to the feedback and ratings a Seller receives from each Buyer after completing a job, Sellers can also invite other clients that they have worked with to endorse them, which is especially helpful for Sellers new to PeoplePerHour who have little or no feedback from Buyers within the site itself. Sellers also have the option to Feature their Hourlies, though this feature has an additional fee.

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