Photography is a language only humans understand and enjoy. Inspire the world and communicate your passion through photos and videos. Sell your art to the world with SmugMug.


What Kind of Work Is it?

SmugMug is home to a community of creative shutterbugs finding empowerment, working from home, and showcasing their collections to a global audience. This work-from-home company allows you access to your prints any time you like. Safely upload and store millions of images telling your passionate and heart-wrenching story. Your works are protected in many ways, including multiple built-in site features and watermarks. You are in complete control over the rights of your pictures, so start selling today!

Inspire the world by building your SmugMug portfolio. Share beautiful, sharp images and build your reputation in the SmugMug photography community. Sell your creations as downloadable files, or as prints. Create pricing for your inventory and choose up to four reputable print labs to connect to your account. The best work from home jobs are the ones you love doing!

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How Do I Get Paid?

Default print prices are set for SmugMug photos, but you decide a sale price for each image. Your profits equal 85% of the difference in those prices. Here are the payment details:

• Fill out a 1099 tax form and choose when you want regular payments
• You can be paid every 30 days with a minimum cash-out of $500 or request a transfer of no less than $5
• International jobs from home need a payment request submitted each month.
• U.S. Professional Photographers receive direct deposits into a bank account, while International
• Professionals are paid through PayPal. PayPal payments are processed around the 8th of the month

Qualifications and Requirements

Although you can upload various file types, you can only sell .JPEG photo or video files for this virtual job. You can begin with a free trial, but selling will require a subscription with access to complete customer service for your sales. Simply enter an email address to get started.


Top Earner Tips

Refer a colleague or a friend. When they purchase a subscription, a 20% discount is applied instantly, and your account is credited 20%! Create a business account and make coupons, promotions, and package pricing discounts. Boost your brand with the ability to add your logo on prints!

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