Have a blog? Create original posts incorporating keywords and messaging provided by advertisers. You will be paid for traffic you generate during the next 30 days!


What Kind of Work Is it?

SocialSpark helps you monetize your blog. Once you register with SocialSpark, you will provide a list of your blog's keywords, and the Company will send you "leads," which are recommended posts that are related to the subject matter of your blog. You get a description of what the post should be about, a list of points you need to cover, and the price the advertiser is willing to pay. Advertisers quote prices in points, and 1000 points equal $10. You can accept or reject the lead, or try to negotiate a better price. The advertiser will then accept or reject your offer, and you will have a limited amount of time, usually 72 hours, to make the post. You'll be paid for traffic generated over the next 30 days.

SocialSpark also offers a CPM (Cost per Mile) program, which allows you to place a SocialSpark banner on your site. You'll be paid per thousand clicks on the banner.

You are in control of the process, and you only accept tweet requests from advertisers you like. You can tweet as much or as little as you want.

Advertisers typically prefer blogs with a US audience. SocialSpark offers access to analytic statistics to help you refine your blog for greater exposure, and an excellent support system.

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How Do I Get Paid?

Payment is through PayPal. You may cash out at any time, with a $50 minimum payment. Funds are paid to your SocialSpark account on the 15th of each month for ads posted at least 45 days earlier.

Qualifications and Requirements

You must be 18 or older to register. You will need to have a blog and have it verified with Google Analytics.


Top Earner Tips

As with any opportunity based on monetizing blog or social media activity, SocialSpark works best if you have a substantial number of visitors to your blog, and if your blog is built around a concept that attracts advertisers. For example, a blog about technology, health and wellness, or any other topic that is easily associated with consumers of specific product types will attract the most attention from advertisers.

You will set the rates for your activity, but remember that SocialSpark will add their own commission, and if you charge too much you may price yourself out of the market. You may need some experimentation to find a fair market value for your blog space.

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