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What Kind of Work Is it?

Swagbucks.com is a reward site that exchanges cash and gift cards for ordinary online activities like searching, shopping, watching videos, and taking surveys.

You can open a Swagbucks account using an e-mail address or your Facebook account. Once you have an account, you set out to earn SB points, which you can eventually redeem for gift cards or cash. You earn points by installing and using the Swagbucks search engine, by doing your online shopping through the site with Swagbucks partner retailers like Gap, Target, and Walmart, by taking surveys, by watching videos and performing other tasks. You can refer friends and get commissions on the points they earn.

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How Do I Get Paid?

100 SB points are equivalent to roughly a dollar in gift cards. Watch the "Rewards" page for special sales that offer gift cards for a better "exchange rate."

Swagbucks offers payment in gift cards to major retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, and Target... even many gas station chains. PayPal gift cards are included, which can be spent almost anywhere and are equivalent to cash.

Qualifications and Requirements

Available in US, UK, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Germany, France, and India.

Top Earner Tips

Swagbucks offers sweepstakes that let you bet SB points for chances to win higher rewards. Be careful about these, because you won't win often.

Cash out regularly and avoid accumulating large numbers of SB points. The site is very sensitive to any attempt to manipulate the system, and accounts have been terminated even though the user didn't realize they were violating the rules. Once an account has been terminated, any accumulated SB points are lost.

Avoid any attempt to abuse the system, like repeated searches for terms that don't even interest you or opening multiple accounts.

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