What Kind of Work Is it?

TranscribeMe provides transcription, translation, and captioning services to clients all over the world. Most workers join the Company as transcribers. TranscribeMe offers a relatively easy entrance ideal for first-time at-home workers. You will need a computer, a good headset, (ideally) a foot pedal for audio control, and a good internet connection, along with good typing and listening skills, but no degree or work experience is necessary. You will register, take a test and training session, and begin working.

TranscribeMe is notable for providing many short audio clips, many only seconds long, allowing you to break off work in manageable pieces, an ideal situation for a person with blocks of free time throughout the day. You are expected to complete 50 jobs a month, but this is very much achievable. You simply log in, download clips, and start transcribing, whether you do one in a session or 20 or more! Work is available 24/7, as much or as little as you like.

TranscribeMe is known for offering an intuitive and simple interface, with the style guide displayed on the right of the screen as you type, and transcribers report that most of the audio files are of good quality. The Company gets high marks for employee support, which includes having shift leads and managers available to answer questions and offering a lively message forum where employees talk to each other and offer advice and tips.

TranscribeMe pays $20 per audio hour, meaning the length of the audio clip, not the time you spend transcribing it. In the beginning, earnings may not be high, but once you master the process, your output will increase dramatically. TranscribeMe is also known for advancement potential, offering higher wages and better deals to transcribers who consistently submit quality work and pass a series of tests. Transcribers with medical or legal knowledge or training in specialized transcription will get higher pay.

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How Do I Get Paid?

Payment is given every Thursday once your earnings reach $20. Payment is via PayPal.

Qualifications and Requirements

TranscribeMe hires workers from anywhere in the world and lists no requirements other than a computer with Google Chrome, a reliable internet connection, and good typing and listening skills. You will have to pass a training program.


Top Earner Tips

TranscribeMe is a great opportunity for those looking for an entry point to the work-at-home world. There are no educational requirements, and the skills required are fairly basic. You may have to brush up on your typing, but there are many free online typing tutor programs. The company is thoroughly reputable and gets excellent reviews. The pay is not at the top of the transcription business, but there is real opportunity for advancement and the relatively easy entry makes it a great place to get experience.

If you are approved to work with TranscribeMe, be sure to read the employee message forum and ask questions if you're not sure of anything. Read the style guide thoroughly and pay close attention to your feedback. If you get an "All Work Assigned" message you may need to adjust your settings: ask on the forum!

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