If you are passionate about education and want to earn from home, VIPKID offers excellent opportunities. Teach children from around the world via online lessons based on U.S. curriculum. Share your language and knowledge globally!


What Kind of Work Is it?

VIPKID offers a home-based elementary school experience to international children. Anyone can sign up to be an instructor, teaching English online with preset lesson plans and engaging Common Core Standards. The lessons offer a one-on-one approach to developing a student's critical thinking, creativity, and English language skills. Work from home teaching a VIP kid today and bridge the cultural gap!

VIPKID jobs are great work from home jobs! If you want to share your educational experience and language with the world, you are in the right place! To get started, you'll need:

An email address - This email will be used as your username in the future, so set up a new one if needed.

Basic information - Including full name, gender, location with time zone, education level, phone number, and primary language.

An interview – With VIPKID, and you can record a demo lesson which is evaluated by a recruiter to establish salary details

VIPKID teachers enjoy the freedom and flexibility of setting their own schedules and excellent pay.

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How Do I Get Paid?

These work-from-home jobs offer $14-$22 per hour. Payments are calculated per class, which are in 30-minute increments. Minimum pay is $7 per class, and the rates increase with the number of students who book classes during your schedule. Receive pay increases for participation, showing up on time, and the number of monthly classes you teach.

Qualifications and Requirements

Only applicants with a Bachelor's Degree are hired. A 6-month instructional commitment contract is required and can be renewed. You need to provide a W-9 for tax purposes. You must have a stable internet connection, computer, HD camera, and headset for work-at-home teaching jobs. Additional system and browser requirements can be found on the site.

Top Earner Tips

Take advantage of the community of teachers at your disposal, who are already successfully working from home using the lessons and tools. Take part in paid training and professional development at every opportunity to increase your income. Participate in teacher activities to keep up with your peers.

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