Specific Job: Review Products, Answer Marketing Surveys

MindsPay pays its members for product reviews and company ratings! Participate in paid offers or read emails to make money at home. Your opinions are worth cash! Sign up at MindsPay from your mobile device today!

Music Xray

Specific Job: Sell Your Music, Songs, and Tracks

On average, 1,300 freelance music artists per month are selected using Music Xray. Gain instant access to thousands of dollars and professionals seeking original instrumentals, vocals, and tracks.


Paid Surveys at Home

Specific Job: Complete Surveys, Try New Products

Paid Surveys at Home (PSAH) partners with hundreds of market research firms. Housewife, stay-at-home moms, students, retired, whoever you are, PSAH wants you. Take online and phone surveys, engage in focus groups, try new products, and/or preview new movie trailers as a way to earn extra cash.


Specific Job: Sell Your Photos and Prints

Upload thousands of photos to Photostockplus.com and get paid for every sale. Get hired for photo assignments and host private galleries! Join now for a free account, free storefront, and free access to customizable products at your fingertips.


Specific Job: Post Links To Create Clicks

shorte.st is a way to monetize your blog or social media presence. It's a link shortener that inserts a brief ad page between your link and the destination page. Every time someone clicks the link, you get paid. The ads don't show on your page. If you have a high traffic blog or a lot of followers on your social media pages, shorte.st gives you a way to make money from clicks, with minimal effort.


Specific Job: Review and Rate Music

Got a good ear and keen fashion sense? Sign up for free with Slicethepie and you could help influence new music and upcoming fashion trends. Complete a simple application and start listening to music and reviewing fashion immediately. There are no limits on how much you can listen to and how many images you review.



Specific Job: Sell Your Photos and Videos

Share your creative imagery with the world, grow your business, and earn income passively while you enjoy life! Upload your photo and video files to a SmugMug Portfolio gallery and make money now!


Specific Job: Write & Publish Sponsored Posts

SocialSpark is an advertising site that connects with the world's biggest brands and collaborates with passionate writers and bloggers to deliver on its brand promise of high-quality sponsored posts. Sign up, receive leads, and reject, accept, or negotiate bid prices for your posts. This will help you earn points that you can convert into cash.


Specific Job: Tweet About Brands

Sponsored Tweets is a site that intends to tap into Twitter as part of a client company's marketing strategy. As a Tweeter, you are expected to come up with the most compelling tweets promoting the brand, certainly based on a number of guidelines set by the advertiser.

Stella & Dot

Specific Job: Sell Jewelry and Accessories

Stella & Dot is a social selling company that promotes a wide range of entrepreneurial opportunities for women. If you are a style enthusiast looking for a great way to actualize your dream of putting up your own business, Stella & Dot is the perfect place for you.