Specific Job: Create Original T-shirt Designs

Got a great idea for a tee-shirt? Sign up with Teespring and unleash your creativity on the world. Put your design skills to work and create designs from scratch, or use the site's simple but powerful design tools to create gorgeous designs. Upload your designs and Teespring handles everything from payment processing to manufacturing and shipping to customers.


Category: Customer Service

Specific Job: Inbound Customer Service Agent

Teleperformance is a global customer support center offering home based work for customer service agents. Home-based Teleperfomance workers are regular employees with insurance and retirement benefits, so if you're willing to provide high quality service and you're looking for home-based work that offers the stability and advantages of an office job, you'll want to check this one out!



Specific Job: Transcribe,Transcribe Audio to Text

TranscribeMe is a leading transcription firm that hires at-home workers to transcribe audio and video files. The work is flexible and steady, and the files to be transcribed are broke into small pieces, making it easy to do as much or as little work as you have time to do. TranscribeMe receives high marks on job review sites for its intuitive interface, employee support, and steady work stream, so if you're a good typist with an eye for detail, this might be the opportunity you're looking for.


Category: Rental

Specific Job: Rent Out Your Car

If you own a car that you aren't using, you can rent it out via Turo.com. All you have to do is list the details and location on their website, set the price and wait for a notification when someone requests to book. You don't have to worry about scratches, dents or, car theft, as you are protected with $1 million in insurance.


Category: Customer Service

Specific Job: Customer Service and Technical Support

Xerox is one of America's leading employers of at-home workers, with almost 8000 employees working full time offsite. Xerox offers a wide variety of at-home careers, including Customer Care, Tech Support, Data Entry/Verification, Image Tagging, Quality Control, Systems Development, Software Programming, Administrative and Business Support, and more. The Company actively seeks disciplined, motivated candidates for at-home positions and offers a special "[email protected]" program to promote employment of qualified veterans and military spouses.


Specific Job: Create Original Designs of Clothing, Items, Etc.

Create a storefront at Zazzle where you can exhibit and advertise your design portfolio. Designs are not limited to shirts and clothing. You can design any item you can think of: calendars, mugs, clothing, scarves, and more! This website even has online tools that you can use to create designs. This opportunity is perfect for inventors, designers and people who own graphic design-related businesses.



Specific Job: Rate Gadgets, Restaurants, Other

20/20 is a market research firm that will pay you for your opinion. After registering as a panel member yo will take a screening survey to determine what type of products and services you are best qualified to review. Then you'll be able to join research studies ranging from completing surveys to testing new gadgets, trying out restaurant menu offerings, offering opinions and insights on company services, and much more. Your opinion helps the companies develop better products and services, and you get paid for providing feedback.


Specific Job: Graphic Designer

99designs is a community driven graphics design company where freelance designers can submit their work for selection by the client. This is a great opportunity for all types of graphics designers, and if that's your skill set, then definitely visit them.

ABC Financial

Category: Customer Service

Specific Job: Customer Service and Technical Support

ABC Financial provides software products and billing services to health clubs and gyms. Their at-home workers provide support to clients, assisting them in software, troubleshooting and billing inquiries.

Aberdeen Broadcast Services

Category: Captioning

Specific Job: Real-time Captioning

Aberdeen Captioning is currently in need of experienced freelance real-time captioners with speed of 180-220 WPM. As a captioner, you will be asked to convert oral language into written format. This involves listening to an audio or video recording and then encoding it as a written facsimile.