Specific Job: Post Links To Create Clicks is a way to monetize your blog or social media presence. It's a link shortener that inserts a brief ad page between your link and the destination page. Every time someone clicks the link, you get paid. The ads don't show on your page. If you have a high traffic blog or a lot of followers on your social media pages, gives you a way to make money from clicks, with minimal effort.


Specific Job: Place Removable Ads On Your Car

Carvertise is an advertising company where everyday drivers get paid by simply placing an ad decal on their car. Do you have a sweet-looking car that you proudly take on long drives? If yes, then at least start earning from it by advertising with Carvertise!



Specific Job: Place Removable Ads On Your Car

Vugo is an app company that enables rideshare drivers to increase their earnings by allowing ad displays in their vehicle. You only need a tablet installed with the Vugo app to earn up to an additional $300 a month!


Specific Job: Place Removable Ads On Your Car

Wrapify is an advertising platform that allows drivers to earn extra income through advertisements in their vehicle. Drive with the app and qualify for campaigns to earn additional hundreds a month.