Specific Job: Sell Products

YourAvon.com is a beauty and cosmetic brand that is constantly looking for brand representatives that are willing to sell their products. A representative is given the opportunity to establish a home-based business. Upon becoming a member, you are required to purchase product packages at a discounted rate. Similar to any business, you earn profit by selling products at retail prices.

Stella & Dot

Specific Job: Sell Jewelry and Accessories

Stella & Dot is a social selling company that promotes a wide range of entrepreneurial opportunities for women. If you are a style enthusiast looking for a great way to actualize your dream of putting up your own business, Stella & Dot is the perfect place for you.



Specific Job: Sell Products

Amway is one of the largest multi-level marketing companies in America. With that being said, where better to start your business that with Amway and you can do it in your own home! Invest your time and effort in Amway now and take a few steps closer towards your succesful business.


Specific Job: Sell Items via Etsy

Whether you already have a small business at home or are still in the process of starting one, you might want to consider Etsy as a platform to sell, resell, and/or advertise products.

Herbalife Nutrition

Specific Job: Product Distributor

Herbalife Nutrition is a nutrition company that promotes and provides good nutrition to people worldwide. They acquire distributors online to help them distribute their products. Be a Herbalife Independent Distributor now and earn while promoting good health to your community.

Homeowner Referral Network

Specific Job: Refer Contractors to Homeowners

As a member of HRN, you'll be pre-screening local home improvement contractors like plumbers, electricians, carpenters, decorators and more, and then recommend them to homeowners to earn big on commissions!



Specific Job: Research, Search Engine Evaluation

Leapforce acquires agents and enables them to run their own home-based businesses in order to provide search engine evaluation for its clients. Looking for an opportunity to earn at home with your own home-based business? Then be an a Leapforce agent now!


Specific Job: Sell Products

Scentsy offers the best-scented home and body products. In order to expand the reach of their products, they need consultants. Build a business with Scentsy and receive the business tools you need as well as some of their best products for you to sell and/or use when you join Scentsy for only $99.


Specific Job: Sell Products

Storenvy is an e-commerce platform that exists to help you build your online store. Let your brand be known and products be sold in a social marketplace with thousands of customers. Sign up at Storenvy now!


Specific Job: Sell Products

As a Tupperware consultant, you will be given kits that will help you launch your own home-based business, at a discounted rate. Also enjoy access to guides that you can use in creating fun Tupperware parties.