Specific Job: Surveys, Reviews

Toluna is a marketing and research company that provides real-time, automated survey solutions to different companies worldwide. If you love completing surveys and providing life-changing feedback, grab the opportunity to do it, this time, with the world's biggest brands. Join Toluna's online community today.


Specific Job: Web Usability Testing

UserZoom is a platform for Agile Usability Testing and User Experience. As a user/ tester at UserZoom, you will be asked to visit websites and be required to think of all of the ways necessary to improve the user experience. This usually requires an on-screen recorder alongside a microphone that will serve as a tool for recording your insights as you navigate the website.



Specific Job: Web Usability Testing

What Users Do is a UK-based website that pays people to test and evaluate websites. This typically involves visiting websites and permitting clicks to be documented as the tester explores the web pages.