Specific Job: Content Writing

Contentgather is a platform that connects content writers with website owners in need of content. If you're a skilled writer who is looking to earn in exchange for writing articles, reviews, blog posts, and the likes for a few websites, then you definitely belong with Contentgather.


Specific Job: Content Provider, Writing & Videos

Make money online posting your favorite recipes, sharing a how-to video, or writing about your hobbies. HubPages is free to join and offers free tools to help you build your brand and boost your career!



Specific Job: Blog, Tweet, Post

IZEA helps you monetize your blog and social media content by linking you with advertisers who seek exposure. You will have the opportunity to publish sponsored tweets and posts that promote an advertiser's product and be paid by the number of views your material gets.


Specific Job: Write & Publish Sponsored Posts

SocialSpark is an advertising site that connects with the world's biggest brands and collaborates with passionate writers and bloggers to deliver on its brand promise of high-quality sponsored posts. Sign up, receive leads, and reject, accept, or negotiate bid prices for your posts. This will help you earn points that you can convert into cash.


Specific Job: Tweet About Brands

Sponsored Tweets is a site that intends to tap into Twitter as part of a client company's marketing strategy. As a Tweeter, you are expected to come up with the most compelling tweets promoting the brand, certainly based on a number of guidelines set by the advertiser.


Specific Job: Publish Your Book

With professional help from industry-leading insiders and authors, iUniverse offers everything you need to self-publish your next great novel. You'll get assistance with every aspect of publishing, from evaluation to editing, to formatting, design, production, marketing, printing and even tips on how and where to sell.


Specific Job: Write High-quality Articles

As an online freelance writer with a credible expertise in your own field, you will be asked to convey information to users through high-quality articles in a friendly, enthusiastic, and compelling way.


Specific Job: Academic Editors and Translators

ACADEMICWORD helps both students and professionals better understand complicated terms and phrases in different fields such as math, science, engineering, business, and many more. If you've had experience in academic writing and good with jargon terms in certain fields, then help out now and earn by becoming on of the editors and translators!

Any Subject Books

Specific Job: Publish Your Book

Any Subject is a self-publishing company that helps independent authors publish books independently. Also, becoming a member enables the user to access Any Subject's publishing services including formatting, editing, advertising, and more.

Article Document

Specific Job: Writing and Content Promotion

Article Document is a company that provides work-from-home writers the ability to select and write about a wide range of subjects. They require that you have writing experience and have the authorization to work in the USA. The payout is based on the quality of your work. The higher the quality the more you get paid. If you enjoy writing, apply now.