BKA Content

Specific Job: Write Keyword-based Articles

BKA Content is inviting writers to apply and produce article content focused on a variety of search terms, topics, and keywords provided by their clients. Their ideal writers should be able to produce original, high-quality, SEO-driven content made to guarantee their clients' increased internet exposure through higher search engine rankings on the web. They do not require a background in writing, however, you need to pass their application test which includes time-pressured, grammatically based questions and submission of two 350-word samples following a set of instructions.


Specific Job: Blogging and Content Writing

BlogMutt connects companies who have blogs to bloggers who can write their content for them. If you're a blogger or you have a skill with writing, then be a BlogMutt writer and earn. All you'll have to worry about is the writing and BlogMutt will take care of the rest.


Boost Media

Specific Job: Write Advertisement Copy

Write a Paid-per-click advertisement copy depending on what the advertiser requires. You get paid when your ad copy is chosen and you will be paid more if your ad copy has the highest performance. Although Adwords and/or AdCenter experience is preferred, it is not a requirement.


Specific Job: Writing

Constant-Content is the place where many content consumers go for their content needs. Writers who are looking to earn with their ability to make quality articles can register and start making money on Constant-Content now.

Content Runner

Specific Job: Writing and Editing

Content Runner is looking for skilled writers to work from home and set their own price for their work. If you're a writer and are building a list of potentially good companies to work with, add this one to your favorites or sign up now.


Specific Job: Copywriting

Copify is a copywriting service that sells content for websites, press releases, ads, or any other needs. They do this by hiring excellent copywriters and providing them with a platform where they can choose tasks that they'd like to work on. If you have an exceptional way with words, then Copify has just the right job for you.



Specific Job: Write Topic-specific Blog Posts

Write unique blog posts based on a variety of topic. More often than not, you will be required to do research to find interesting information about the topic you are assigned to work on. As soon as you are hired, you will receive an email with a username and password for the CopyPress Content Management System (CMS) where you will upload your content.

Crowd Content Media

Specific Job: Copywriting

Crowd Content offers independent work-from-home writers the opportunity to write about diverse subjects including articles, marketing messaging and more. If you're a writer with experience in writing articles on varied topics and copywriting, this is definitely a company to add to your shortlist.


Specific Job: Copywriting and Editing

Domainite provides copy-writing services to various companies and entrepreneurs. They do not have clear requirements for freelancers who would like to write for them on their website, besides a complete application form and samples of your work.


Specific Job: Article and Content Writing

HireWriters.com provides clients who are in need of brilliant articles and content with a wide-variety of talented writers. Once these writers receive their assignment, they get the job done and get paid accordingly. If you consider yourself as a competent writer, then be a writer for HireWriters.com and get paid for your talent.